The Continent Africa – VF’s Coverage

RR Watch: The Continent Africa

As an American & Nigerian citizen, I believe America is built on opportunity and generosity; and I know we’re the philanthropist country that the world looks upon for humanity. With that thought, I’m extremely proud to highlight articles and coverage on Giving Americans in the plight to save Africa.


VF’s Coverage of Africa

Annie Leibovitz

The listed links are from VF’s special Africa issue with guest editor Bono: (1) ‘The 20 Historic Covers’. (2) Raising Malawi. (3) Saving Malawi’s Children. (4) Madonna’s Malawi. (5) Picturing Genocide. (6) Out of Africa. (7) Telling African Stories. (8) The Lazarus Effect. (9) Jeffrey Sachs’s $200 Billion Dream. (10) More Africa Stories From VF’s Archives.

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