Hayden Panettiere Humps Seventeen

Heroes Hayden Panettiere graces the cover and pages of Seventeen April issue.

On what she looks for in a guy:
I have to be with someone who’s driven. When they’re not, it becomes difficult. In a lot of relationships, you get in and you spend every waking moment with that person. But I’ve figured out that the healthiest relationship is where you each have your own life, but they meet in a nice point in the middle.

On friends she depends on:
Hilary [Duff] is one of the closer people to me in the business. She’s a very down-to-earth person. She’s humble, very sweet — she’s low-key.

On being loved:
I know myself much better now than I did. And my opinions of things and my morals –- I am not as easily swayed as I used to be. And when you learn to accept yourself, the more you learn to be okay with yourself and know yourself, the easier it is to love somebody and allow them to love you.

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