Increasing Food Prices: People Are Hungry & Starving

The food prices are increasing significantly in America that families are rationing their meals and cutting back on groceries. Well this affects everyone around the world (Egypt, Haiti, Cameroon, Senegal), and they deal with this battle everyday of their life.

I received Sound Vision’s Abdul Malik Mujahid’s write-up on food waste, and I thought it was worth sharing with (RR) readers.

7 Ways to Cut Food Waste, World Food Crisis

Assalamu alaikum:

It’s being called the “silent tsunami” of hunger. It is the rising price of food around the world.

According to the United Nations’ World Food Program, 100 million people on every continent could be affected by it. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization warns that rises in cereal prices have left 37 poor countries in an emergency situation, leading to food riots in Egypt, Haiti, Cameroon and Senegal.

In the United States, Americans spend only about eight percent of their disposable income on food, according to a recent Newsweek article. However, that is expected to increase with the higher prices and experts are already predicting dietary changes like less meat and more bread consumption nationwide.

This crisis should provide the impetus for us to cut down food waste in our homes and communities. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, reminded us that two persons’ food is enough for three, and three persons’ food is enough for four (Bukhari, Muslim). Living in the proverbial land of plenty, many of us have forgotten this important lesson when we sit down to dinner every evening.

Ramadan is usually the time we remember the hungry the most. While for a few hours we deny ourselves the food millions struggle without daily around the world, it is easier to be charitable. But we often forget the other lesson this annual spiritual exercise offers us: a reminder not to waste the blessings we have as a token of thanks to our Creator, and an awareness of our accountability to Him.

According to the University of Arizona 40 to 50 percent of all food in the US is wasted yearly which can feed millions around the world.

Let us commit today to cutting food waste on an individual basis, starting with our own fridges and pantries.

Abdul Malik Mujahid

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