Sarah Jessica Parker On Jennifer Hudson

Sarah Jessica Parker addresses the lack of color women on her SATC: series and how they landed Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant for SATC: the movie.

New Line Cinema

On casting academy award winner Jennifer Hudson in Sex and the City: The Movie: Michael Patrick King. I had wanted him to include an African-American [character on the show] for a long time, because I recognized that African-American women would legitimately say, “Why aren’t there enough women of color [on the show]?” And I would say, “I agree. It hasn’t really reflected New York.” And Michael was always [insisting} that you can’t do token [parts]; you can’t just throw someone in there because it’s necessary. You have to find something real or it’s even worse than not getting somebody. So he wrote this part, and he said he wanted Jennifer Hudson. And I was like, “Sure, get in line! Everyone wants Jennifer Hudson.” And then she came in and read, which I couldn’t believe. And she was lovely. She’s beautiful in person. She’s gorgeous. She’s probably six inches taller than me, easily. And she was so happy to be there and so enthusiastic and couldn’t believe it.

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