Sex and the City Humps Entertainment Weekly

The actresses of Sex and the City: the Movie dominate cover and pages of Entertainment Weekly 63-pages, double issue.

On there’s more to the film than closets, orgasms, and cosmos: It can’t be just about wanton lust — that’s not the truth about these women anymore, Sarah Jessica Parker explains. The top of the movie is like a dollop of cream — delicious imagery and scant narrative. It just tells you what we’ve been doing, and then: boom. It’s a recovery operation. The movie goes to a very dark place that we’ve never done before.

Sex and the City: the Movie hits theaters nationwide on Friday, May 30th.

James White

On Ms. Parker feeling there’s a lot at stake for her personally: I want it to do well, but the bigger story for me here is that I want the people who hold the purse strings to believe that there are female audiences, that it’s worth their money.

You can read the full Entertainment Weekly article at

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