Usher Humps Entertainment Weekly

Usher is the cover boy and one of the feature musician in Entertainment Weekly summer music preview issue.

On Usher’s son, Usher Raymond V., being a new addition to his family and healing his strained relationship with his mom: I have a beautiful baby boy that she’s in love with, he says. She’s very happy, and he makes us all a better family, period.

On replacing his mother / manager with Benny Medina (manages Mariah Carey and Nicole Richie): I understand the whole thing about the drama between me and my mother, he concedes. To be honest with you, we had a very one-sided relationship, and for obvious reasons: She had to make the majority of the sacrifices; otherwise we didn’t go forward…. I’m pretty sure that my mother would want to forever manage me. She’ll always be my partner. But I feel like I’m at a point where I wanna grow, be able to handle my business firsthand, and understand every facet of it. Also, on the other side is the fact that you get the stigma of being too sheltered. So now I make the move to go out as a man and stand on my own, and it’s bad?

On the sudden death of Usher’s father, who died of liver disease on January 21th of 2008: That made me care more about being a father than anything, he says. It’s my opportunity to make sure that [my son] never feels what I felt.

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