Gwyneth Paltrow Supports Barack Obama

Harper’s Bazaar release excerpts from Two Lovers‘ Gwyneth Paltrow July cover issue:

On re-charging your batteries: When I’m giving from all of my organs and my heart and brain and everything, I try to recharge a little bit. If you don’t have time to go to the waxer, then shave your legs. Do little things that can get yourself back to feeling like your own person. You can obliterate yourself out of love and giving. And I don’t think that’s healthy.

Peter Lindbergh

On Hollywood’s short term memory: In this business, they don’t look back, and they’re particularly harsh to women. I’m not 25; I’m 35. I’m not someone to discover; I’m someone who people know. I mean, it’s all ego, but you start to feel like, Oh, no, I worked so hard to get somewhere, and what if I can’t get back there again? But, all the while knowing that, I would never have traded one second or done anything differently.

On Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: Much as I respect Hillary Clinton—I think she’s a brilliant woman— [the Clintons are] almost like a monarchy at this point. I don’t feel there’s any lip service with [Obama]. I don’t feel like he’s one of those jaded politicos who say one thing and are talking out of both sides of their mouth. I also feel we’ve done such incredible damage to our reputation—and as someone who lives outside America for half the year, I overhear things that I wish I didn’t overhear. A lot of people in the West think that we’re not very sensitive to the rest of the world, and I think that having a president called Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 says that we are part of the world and we don’t want to make unilateral decisions about the fate of all of us. I just pray to God that he wins.

To read the full article, visit Harper’s Bazaar. The issue hits newsstand on Tuesday, June 17.

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