Barack Obama Humps Rolling Stone

Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama graces the cover and pages of Jann Wenner’s Rolling Stone to discuss music and his upcoming reign as our commander-in-chief.

On his musical influence: If I had one musical hero, it would have to be Stevie Wonder. When I was at that point where you start getting involved in music, Stevie had that run with Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Fulfillingness’ First Finale and Innervisions, and then Songs in the Key of Life. Those are as brilliant a set of five albums as we’ve ever seen.

On rapper Jay-Z influencing America’s youths: Every time I talk to Jay-Z, who is a brilliant talent and a good guy, I enjoy how he thinks. He’s serious and he cares about his art. That’s somebody who is going to start branching out and can help shape attitudes in a real positive way.

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