Missing All the Fireworks

You’re Missing All the Fireworks

If you’re not watching the political convention coverage, you are missing the most interesting thing on television right now. The DNC was spectacular for its historic and well-choreographed nature, while the RNC is turning out to be just as spectacular—the way a fireworks truck plummeting off a cliff is spectacular. There is one long shot for the Republican ticket this time around: Sarah Palin’s speech. If it’s a speech that can rival one of Obama’s, that will surely help. With only two months left until November 4th, we need to get to know the Republican VP nominee and we need to get to know her fast.

Mary Altaffer / Associated Press

In other news, Barack Obama may upstage McCain on day of his nomination. Earlier in the day on Thursday Bill O’Reilly will interview Obama. This kind of ‘eclipse’ move on McCain’s day in the sun may cross the line as far as political etiquette, but knowing that the staunchly conservative Fox News is also willing to upstage the Republican nominee by giving his opponent face time is certainly revealing. McCain did campaign during the DNC, but on Obama’s day the only thing he put out was an ad congratulating Obama. Whether you think it crass or just good strategy, you can’t miss the interview equivalent of fire meeting ice.

For full coverage, any cable news outfit will do.

Jason Stürmer is a Staff Writer, and currently resides in California.

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