Film Festival Lounge – 1st Look

We love introducing our readers to new, cool discoveries, and we got advance word on a new, kick-ass forum – Film Festival Lounge (FFL) (created by Los Angelenians), check it out – now – and participate: They rate us, now let’s rate them!

The Film Festival Lounge is designed to allow filmmakers to communicate openly and honestly about festival experiences for the benefit of other filmmakers, as well as for festival organizers interested in hearing the raw truth about their festival. As festival-goers ourselves we’ve noticed that the favorite topic of discussion among filmmakers at festivals – is other festivals. Whether happy or horror stories, filmmakers love to gossip, vent, and brag about swanky swag, hospitality, treatment of short filmmakers vs. features filmmakers, lost tapes, destroyed prints, mind-boggling parties, networking opportunities, quality of film selections, great food, high submission fees vs. no submission fees, et cetera.

Of course, festivals do change year after year – one year they offer hotel rooms, the next year tents; one year the parties are incredible the next year budget cuts move them to grandma’s basement – but more often than not, last year’s filmmaker is the best source of information for this year’s festival.

So please… spill all and help guide your fellow filmmaker while giving kudos or critique to festival organizers who rarely hear the real truth directly from us (that’d just be dumb!). And next time you get accepted or wish to apply to a festival stop here first to get the real scoop for what’s headed your way.

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