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RR Sights Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins (The Visitor, Burn After Reading, Step Brothers) exiting the Archlight Cinema in Hollywood.

Jenkins is repped by Rhonda Price @ The Gersh Agency and Bill Treusch Management.

The Barack Obama Show

Senator Obama pre-empted six channels last night to present to you, America, a very heartfelt and expensive half hour show:

I especially loved the Academy Awards style music in the background. The oaky, country-style Oval Office was kind of nice too. Of course, the main reason it looks like the Oval Office is because of the giant American flag, but he couldn’t very well have not put a giant American flag in there, now could he?

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Reserve Result @ AFI Fest Opening Night Gala

Reserve Result would like to thank AFI Film Festival 2008 for our invitations & tickets to Doubt Opening Night Gala and Reception.

Doubt “…stars Academy Award-winners Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, Academy Award-nominee Amy Adams, and Viola Davis. It is produced by Scott Rudin and Mark Roybal. The Miramax Films release is due in theaters on December 12.”


Neil Young @ International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

Neil Young canceled his Los Angeles show tonight (Oct. 30) in support of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) union. IATSE is in a dispute with the venue owner, Faithful Central Bible Church. Young and his wife are honorary supporters of IATSE, making the decision difficult for the artist. Young stated, “I am extremely disappointed to have to choose between satisfying my fans or backing my brothers and sisters of the IATSE, I will miss playing in Los Angeles and apologize to my fans for the inconvenience this has caused.” The show will be rescheduled for a date in 2009. Ticket holders are able to refund tickets at points of purchase.

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Brett Ratner @ Guitar Hero World Tour

Brett Ratner directs Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps and Tony Hawk in series of advertisements for Guitar Hero World Tour. This is the first in a series, and there are more to come, yikes.

Brett Ratner is repped by Adam Berkowitz, Byrdie Lifson-Pompan and Richard Lovett @ Creative Artists Agency (CAA), and he’s the Chief Executive Officer @ Rat Entertainment at 5555 Melrose Avenue Gloria Swanson Building, Suite 307 in Los Angeles.


Marion Jones @ Oprah Winfrey Show

The Oprah Winfrey show lands the first interview with track athlete Marion Jones since serving six months in prison because she lied to the federal jury about her steroid consumption as an Olympian.

George Burns @ Harpo / Associated Press

On transcending being an athlete: In the past, it was Marion Jones, the athlete. Now, of course, I don’t have that cover anymore. I have really had to find out who I am, you know. And why I make certain choices.

On Oprah asking if she will ever run again: “No, I will never run again. I have retired from the sport.”

On being sad about not running: There is a bit of sadness, because I love to compete. By the same token, I am energized by this next chapter and I think it’s going to be bigger and better than that last chapter. I need to find out now how to connect with people on a much bigger level. I do not want for the legacy of Marion Jones-Thompson now to be this. I want it to be something bigger and better — something for my kids to be proud of.


Kevin Connolly @ Lakers vs. Trail Blazer

Kevin Connolly and Leonardo DiCaprio came out to root for the Lakers against Trail Blazers at the Staples Center for the season opening basketball game. The Los Angeles Lakers scored 96 points against Portland Trailer Blazer’s 76 points.

Kevork Djansezian / Associated Press

Kevin Connolly is repped by Troy Zien @ William Morris Agency, and Leonardo DiCaprio is the Chief Executive Officer @ Appian Way at 9255 Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California.


White Supremacists FOR Obama?

Max Blumenthal has a fascinating article on The Daily Beast entitled Obama and the Neo-Nazis” in which he discovers a surprising sentiment among the white supremacist community:

Key leaders of the white supremacist movement see a potential Obama administration as a rising tide that will lift their sagging boats.

They see the recent skinhead plot to kill Obama as something that would’ve killed their movement. They want a President Obama alive as a figure to rally against.

Alex Brandon / Associated Press

Despite this cease-fire order from most mainstream white supremacists, the foiled Neo-Nazi assassination plot against Obama was, reportedly, only one of many. Apparently the count is now around 500. Look forward to many more during an Obama administration. There were certainly enough racially-charged incidents under Clinton, and he was the first black president in name only. Anyone remember Ruby Ridge? White Supremacists do.

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Vote Tuesday November 4 – (RR) Votes

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Tobey Maguire, Jonah Hill, Forest Whitaker and other artists are asking Americans to vote on Tuesday, November 4, it’s a privilege that should be exercise.

These non-partisan Public Service Announcements (PSA) are produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company – Appian Way and distributed through Myspace Celebrity.

To learn about early voting and registration, visit Oliver Luckett’s Declare Yourself.


Tina Fey @ Conan O’Brien Show

Tina Fey promotes her hit show – 30 Rock – premiere on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and discusses Sarah Palin’s offer to have her 17-year-old daughter – Bristol Palin – babysit Fey’s 3-year-old daughter – Alice – on Saturday Night Live! set.

On Sarah Palin offering Bristol babysitting service: Oh yeah, that’s exactly what 17-year-old Bristol Palin wants to do at SNL – babysit the toddler of the lady that goofs on her mom. Thanks, Mom.

Elizabeth Stamatina Fey is repped by Michelle Bohan, Philip Raskind and Richard Weitz @ Endeavor, and managed by David Miner @ 3 Arts Entertainment.


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