Review & Preview: Palin vs. Biden Debate

Debate I: A Review

For a good idea of how the first debate between Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain went down, dust off that old copy of Crimson Tide and put ‘er in. Same basic premise: An old, grizzled, hawkish military guy goes toe-to-toe with a young, Ivy League, peace-loving, black man to decide how to interpret US foreign policy. The only difference is the movie took place on a submarine. And guess who wins at the end…

Debate II: A Preview

Tonight at 6pm (Pacific Time) will be the most interesting television event this election: the debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Both are known for their gaffes, but all eyes will be on Palin because of her relative unknown status and her disastrous interviews with Katie Couric this last week. So watch the trainwreck with me.

Mark Lyons/Getty Images & Mark Duncan/Associated Press

Jason Stürmer is working on his first play – Mailroom – which’ll debut in Los Angeles soon.

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