Dow Down & Obama Up

The Republicans made two fatal mistakes this election. The first was their presidential nominee. The second was their vice presidential nominee. If Mitt Romney had won the nomination, the race would be much closer now. He ran a corporation, his specialty is economics, and he could lord that over the Democratic ticket, despite the fact that corporate CEOs aren’t too popular these days and he was named after a baseball glove.

Angel Boligan / El Universal / Mexico City, Mexico

McCain is a self-described illiterate as far as the economy is concerned. Since he had warned the executive branch about the housing crisis in a strongly-worded letter, it behooved him to pick a running mate that knew something about the economy. He should have chose Romney as his running mate, or even Carly Fiorina, who ran Hewlett Packard.

Mike Luckovich / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Plain and simple, McCain had a chance to compensate for his short-comings, but instead lunged for votes. Compare this with Obama, who picked Biden to compensate for his foreign policy short-comings, despite all evidence that picking Hillary Clinton would net him more votes. He was mocked by Rudy Giuliani for not picking Hillary for that reason, but the fact is we need a president who will do what is best, not what will get more votes. And in the process, he’ll get both.

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR) and the writer of Mailroom.

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