Director Spike Jonze @ Ghetto Film School

Director Spike Jonze, Johnny Knoxville, Bryce Dallas Howard, Topher Grace, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kathrine Narducci, writer/director David O. Russell and Orlando Bloom attend the Ghetto Film School Fundraiser at a private residence in Los Angeles, California. The Ghetto Film School (GFS), Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded by Joe Hall. In 2000, Mr. Hall started GFS to connect talented young people to artistic, educational and career opportunities in the world of film and video.

Damon Dash, Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz attend the New York Ghetto Film School Fundraiser held at Bottino on Monday, June 9.

J. Strauss / WireImage

GFS is an award-winning organization (Mayor’s Award for Arts and Culture, Rush Philanthropic Arts for Life Award, and The Union Square Award) and their students’ work have been featured on IFC TV, E!, BBC’s Talking Movies, ABC News Now, CNN News, The NY Times and The Huffington Post. Rachel Horovitz is the Chairman of the Ghetto Film School Board.

To learn more about this great organizaiton, visit

Bottino @ 246 10th Avenue [24th and 25th Streets] in Chelsea @ 212-206-6766

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