Mary-Kate & Ashley @ Influence

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen stopped by Oprah Show to discuss and promote their new book – Influence – and their fashion line The Row and Elizabeth & James. Influence is a table coffee book containing interviews conducted by Ashley and Mary-Kate and photos shot by Rankin of interviewees: Francisco Costa, Diane von Furstenberg, John Galliano, Christian Louboutin, Jack McCollough, Lazaro Hernandez, Giambattista Valli, Peter Lindbergh and Terry Richardson.

Here’s an interview except of Karl Lagerfeld au Chanel from Influence printed by New York magazine. Influence will hit bookstores on Tuesday, October 28 and available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble now.

Karl Lagerfeld: I like more classic [shapes] now. Best thing to do for skinny people to wear tight dresses. Although jeans are becoming too tight.

Ashley Olsen: Ah! Yes, it’s becoming a problem. It’s the worst.

Karl Lagerfeld: You can kill yourself in these jeans.

Mary-Kate Olsen: Ha, I’d rather stay inside with my friends than limp out in tight trousers.

Karl Lagerfeld: Maybe you’ll stay inside with a baby. Do you want to get married? Children? Two perfect mums, yes?
[Mary-Kate and Ashley look at each other]

Karl Lagerfeld: Ah! Don’t worry, you have time. You’re young. Don’t you want to get married?

Mary-Kate Olsen: I don’t feel the need to get married. But Ashley wants children. I’ll be a great aunt or godmother.

Ashley Olsen: To my child.

Karl Lagerfeld: [To Ashley] Are you planning?

Ashley Olsen: No. I don’t even have a boyfriend. You have to plan that first, right? Figure that out first?

Karl Lagerfeld: If you get a boyfriend it doesn’t mean that! Today you can have a baby first. If you want. I never liked the idea of a family at all. If it’s a woman — it’s more fun for a woman.

Mary-Kate is repped by Jacob Fenton and Jason Shapiro @ United Talent Agency (UTA), and Ashley is repped by Billy Lazarus @ United Talent Agency (UTA).

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