White Supremacists FOR Obama?

Max Blumenthal has a fascinating article on The Daily Beast entitled Obama and the Neo-Nazis” in which he discovers a surprising sentiment among the white supremacist community:

Key leaders of the white supremacist movement see a potential Obama administration as a rising tide that will lift their sagging boats.

They see the recent skinhead plot to kill Obama as something that would’ve killed their movement. They want a President Obama alive as a figure to rally against.

Alex Brandon / Associated Press

Despite this cease-fire order from most mainstream white supremacists, the foiled Neo-Nazi assassination plot against Obama was, reportedly, only one of many. Apparently the count is now around 500. Look forward to many more during an Obama administration. There were certainly enough racially-charged incidents under Clinton, and he was the first black president in name only. Anyone remember Ruby Ridge? White Supremacists do.

Jason Stürmer is an enthusiastic contributor for (RR).


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