Kristen Johnston @ PETA Horseless Carriages

The Brides War star Kristen Johnston proudly poses nude in PETA’s new eco-friendly ad campaign – Don’t Get Taken for a Ride — Horse-Drawn Carriages Are Cruel. The Johnston ad debuts in Central Park and runs on taxi tops in New York City.

Joseph Cultice

New York City council member Dan Garodnick propose a bill that will phase out horse-drawn carriages and replace them with eco-friendly horseless carriages, which are replicas of the classic Ford Model T.

Kristen Johnston is repped by Jimmy Darmody @ Creative Artists Agency (CAA), managed by Laura Berwick and Becca Kovacik @ The Hofflund Company and attorney Ira Schreck @ Schreck Rose Dapello Adams & Hurwitz.


One response to “Kristen Johnston @ PETA Horseless Carriages

  1. abigail November 22, 2008 at 4:27 am

    We have NEVER been cited for cruelty in over 150 yrs. We have 5 stables, 2 of which are state of the art. All of our horses in nyc have box stalls. (which the mounted police horses dont even have)They get ferrier care, worming, and dental and vet care on a schedualed basis…which is all recorded for the city. We are overseen by 5 agencies (we have more regulations and oversight than at-risk children). We have temp restrictions, and hr work restrctions which are overseen by the aspca. We send our horses to vacations on farms 3-4 months out of each yr. When our horses are retired they are adopted out through one of 3 adoption programs we use. We are licensed 4 times over (carriage, driver, horse,and stable) We are fully insured. Our horses were trained specifically for this job… PETA is really good at lying to people. their intentions are evil. They want to do away with all human to animal relationships. ALL of them including pets. Its disgusting. Whats even more disgusting is that people like Kristen Johnston (who dont know anything about horses in the first place) are halping them!If you want the TRUTH you can see my videos on youtube of my horses on my farm and in their stable in nyc and at work. This is the TRUTH. I can prove everything I say….they cant! Please take a look before you believe everything they say.


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