Luca Lucini’s Solo Un Padre @ Italy

Diane Fleri and Luca Argentero promote their new film – Solo un Padre at a press photocall at the Spazio Apollo Cinema in Milan, Italy. The film is based on Nick Earls’ novel – The Semi-Serious Adventures of a Single Father.

Synopsis: The life of Charles (Luke Argentera), dermatologist thirty, has always been perfect parents, an started a career, good friends. A life “adjust” its almost wadding, with little room for sentiment. But a sudden event and the sconvolgerà Carlo will only look after his daughter Sofia, a child of ten months able to absorb all its physical and mental energies and to weaken any certainty. For this boy father – inexperienced and Self – does not seem to be room for nothing else. At least until they meet Camille (Diane Fleri), a young French researcher. Faced with its sun lovers to its ways and uncertain, Carlo will feel reborn. And, little by little, begin to understand the profound meaning of being a father. via

Daniele Mascolo

Solo un Padre / Only a father / Perfect Skin hits theaters on Friday, November 28.


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