Glitz & Grime’s Exhibit Lands @ Vanguard

I attended and saw another great show by artists Glitz & Grime [G&G] at their massive Project Ethos exhibition held at Vanguard @ 6021 Hollywood Boulevard. G&G delivered once again and shot beyond their definition of “a mixed media art group and collaborative trio that incoroporates digital design with physical material such as paint, light, sparkles and paper mache”.

Glitz & Grime

Glitz & Grime has climbed onto my list of must-have art work and on par with the likes of true artists: Max Neutra, Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Oscar Ramirez, Kehinde Wiley, Michael Page, Jason D’Aquino, Carlos Servando Hernandez, Gary Palmer David Buckingham and some of my other fave [collections].

Reserve Result (RR)

Thanks again to the trio artists of Glitz & Grime and special thanks to Brandon [one-third of G&G trio] for the tix and considerable hospitality. To purchase and roam through Glitz & Grime’s extensive art work, visit their site now.

Glitz & Grime

In this recession, there’s no better time than now to store up on luscious arts at great prices, and Glitz & Grime [G&G] should be on top of your acquiring list of collection.

Reserve Result (RR)

For more information visit and
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