Bobby Syvarth @ Hellos and Goodbyes

Tonight at Cranes Hollywood Tavern‘s night owl show, Singer-slash-Songwriter Bobby Syvarth gave a preview performance of what to expect on his upcoming disc – Hellos and Goodbyes. Singers Mike Beck and Elissa Rosen – “The Madam” of Vaud & The Villians also made an appearance on stage — joining Syvarth on his last song. Hellos and Goodbyes is available on iTunes on Tuesday, November 10 and its release party kicks off at The Hotel Cafe.

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The Hellos & Goodbyes record release party launches on Saturday, November 14 at 8:00pm to 10:00pm @ The Hotel Cafe. The venue is located at 1623 N Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles, California [90028-6201] @ 323.461.2040.

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You can stalk Syvarth @ &, Mike Beck @ & and Elissa Rosen – “The Madam” of Vaud & The Villians @

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