AFI Project 20/20 @ AFI Fest 2009

In its fourth year, AFI PROJECT: 20/20 at AFI Festival 2009 introduces AFI Fest audiences to a new crop of independent filmmakers and their films representing various countries. The 2009 – 2010 AFI Project: 20/20 filmmakers are Bob Richardson [Ahead of Time], Jessica Oreck [Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo], Melissa de Raaf & Răzvan Rădulescu [First Of All, Felicia], Damien Chazelle [Guy and Madeline On A Park Bench], Lars Larson & Michael Rivoira & Peter J. Vogt [Icons Among Us], Rachid Bouchareb [London River], Andrey Khrzhanovsky [Room and a Half] and Nina Paley [Sita Sings the Blues]. So check out these international filmmakers work and participate in “a shared humanity among cultures.”

For more detail and information about AFI Project: 20/20 [Bringing The World Together… One Film At A Time], visit The AFI Festival 2009 begins on Friday, October 30 runs through Saturday, November 7.

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