Artist Miles Wickham @ Paintings & Sculpture

I really appreciate graffiti street art and respect the artist’s skill and discipline when I’m able to connect to their pieces in a visceral way, and I’ve stumble upon such artist – Brooklyn-based Miles Wickham [The Reskew / MWNYC]. Artist Miles Wickham’s minimal graffiti and watercolor paintings and sculpture are partly “influenced by technology” and adored by collectors and fellow modern artists.

Miles Wickham

Artists Miles Wickham and TMNK: The Me Nobody Knows have collaborated on two exquisite paintings – Soul Elevation and Back 2 Basics – selling on Ebay [TMNK Urban Outsider Street Folk Art-Soul Elevation & TMNK+ Miles Outsider Street Folk Art-Back 2 Basics] and Wickham has a Spraypaint Sculpture, currently priced at $1,000 on Ebay [Street Graffiti Raw Folk Art Spraypaint Sculpture MWNYC] as well.

Miles Wickham

You can poke Miles Wickham and oogle his artwork @,, and

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