Jodi Dybala @ Gate of India [Restaurant]

Actress and Food Connoisseur Jodi Dybala joins Reserve Result (RR) as a guest contributor — blogging about her unbiased dining escapades at local restaurants. Let’s welcome Jodi Dybala and digest her exclusive column on dining out.

Scott Subiono @ Illyrium Productions

RR Sideshow: Guest Contributing Writer – Jodi Dybala

I was at the 3rd Street Promenade and really craving Indian Food. It turns out Gate of India was the only Indian restaurant in the area, or at least that was on the map. So there I was, ready for some delectable, savory food. The lights were dim, the music was eclectic and the ceilings were draped with colorul fabrics. A woman, possibly Rita, the owner, came and took my order. That was the last that saw of her until she gave me my bill. Other than that, I pretty much got no service. I saw a runner and asked him if I could get some garlic naan. It felt like over ten minutes had passed and I still didn’t get any naan. Thinking maybe there was some confusion, I saw him serving new customers water and I waved at him. He just looked at me. He said nothing. No, It’s on the way or sorry we’re out or anything.

I was trying to read while waiting for my food and the lights were dimmed even more. Finally, my food was served. My chicken curry and peas and carrotts came in a little dish on top of a candle so it stayed warm. Nice touch. I do like my food to stay warm. The rice came on a seperate dish.

I enjoyed my food, however I’d give this place 3[*** out of 5] stars because of poor service, lighting so dim, you can hardly see your food and their to-go containers are plastic [which is not so good for putting hot food in– my hot food practically melted the plastic and ya know studies have shown that plastic leaches into the food and can cause cancer!]

Life is short. Enjoy your food.

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