Thou Shalt Wear Prada – Coffee Table Book

RR Sideshow: Guest Contributing Writer – Jae Joseph

If the Devil Wears Prada then the red-hot fallen angel must have read its commandments. The über-designers Patrizio Bertelli and Miuccia Prada unveil thirty years of history of their Italian fashion label in a proclaiming titular book – Prada.

Prada Group

For the label Prada – fashion, luxury and style – go beyond producing an infinity of clothing and shoes, so the new book illustrates the various aspects through which Prada expresses itself says Patrizio Bertelli [Chief-Executive-Officer of Prada Group]. Every single page of the 700 fashion-bound bible gives you insight into the beauty of Prada. And highlights its collaborations with some of the most acclaimed photographers, directors and filmmakers in the world. The Prada publication is bursting full of thirty years of unforgettable fashion history.

With my $150.00 in hand and a collection plate nearby, I chose to give my soul to the salvation of Prada and from here on, my life will never be the same.

Prada is available in English and Italian at Prada stores worldwide and via which retailes for approximately €100 or $150.00[USD].

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