Charlene Keys: Tweet @ Love Again

RR Sideshow: Guest Contributing Writer – Jae Joseph

It has been sometime since we’ve heard from the Southern Hummingbird [2002] – Charlene Keys better-known as Tweet. The Missy Elliot protege – is well known for her sweet voice and honest lyrics about the elusive human love. And last night, while the moon hangs still outside my window, I listened and surprisingly introduced to Tweet‘s lush track – Love Again – the first single off her upcoming album – Love, Tweet [2010].

Universal Motown / The Goldmind Inc

In my overactive imagination, I was taken back by the disease of affection. Considering that Valentine’s Day is sneaking upon us, many songs convey the language of the heart. Listening to Love Again, I was somewhat uncomfortable having so much emotion, yet the words were an inspiration of testament. By the second verse of the track, I felt a whisper on my neck. Although, love is an instinctive need and desire, Tweet has created a monster in my head. Keep it coming – Tweet – you were surely missed.

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