Rick Shameless ~ PSSSSTT…Wanna Good Time?

The ominous Rick Shameless exhibit ~ PSSSSTT… Wanna Good Time? ~ opens [tonight] on Saturday, August 21 at A&I Hollywood from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. The Polaroids exhibition of adult film stars ~ PSSSSTT… Wanna Good Time? ~ will be view until Saturday, September 25 at A&I Hollywood — which is located at 933 North Highland Avenue in Hollywood, California [90038].

“Who is Rick Shameless?

Rick Shameless. America’s original dirt bag! He makes Tom Leykis and Howard Stern seem like teddy bears. Shameless is the loveable asshole – the guy girls hate to love. He has become desensitized to beautiful women. Faithful is a foreign word to him. Monogamy is monotonous.

Ever had a drink poured on you in a club? Ever had sex later to discover it was filmed and put on the internet? Ever have a hand print on your ass upon waking up? Ever been degraded so much that you’re turned on? No? Then you’ve never met Rick Shameless.

Marilyn Manson has posters of Shameless on his wall. Rush Limbaugh gets his Viagra from Shameless. Paris Hilton thinks “He’s Hot”. Heidi Fliess has Shameless in her black book. Charlie Sheen thinks his baby with Denise Richards may be Shameless’s. Enron wanted to make Shameless their president. Shameless pisses on R. Kelly.”

RSVP: RickShameless@gmail.com
Date: Saturday, August 21
Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Address: 933 N. Highland Avenue [Los Angeles, California]

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