Who Is Alec Monopoly? ~ Video

The street artist “Alec Monopoly” lends his artwork and commentary to an upcoming documentary – Pay 2 Play – to give us insight to his prolific street art and imageries of Monopoly Man, Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan and Twiggy. Enjoy the Who Is Alec Monopoly? vid [below] –

John Wellington Ennis @ Shoot First Inc.

“Street artist Alec Monopoly has been decorating Los Angeles for the past year with his posters, paints, stickers, stencils and imagination. This — his first on-camera interview — is for the upcoming documentary PAY 2 PLAY – a film exploring how our democracy became corporatized, and how we can take it back.”

You can oogle deets on Alec art @ alecartshow.com.

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