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The Totally Bitchin’ Night of The Dead 3 – Photos

The Exhibit A gallerists Richard Villa III and Tony Alva were kind enough to share their photos of their Totally Bitchin’ Night of the Dead 3: Sex, Death & Rock N’ Roll on Saturday, October 30. Enjoy the pix and Henri A. Maddocks event deets ~ below.

Exhibit A1086 South Fairfax Avenue — Los Angeles, California [90019].

Henri A. Maddocks ~ Exhibit A Gallery unites art, skateboarding and various genres of rock yet again to kickoff Halloween a day early for their third annual Totally Bitchin’ Night of The Dead this year’s theme is Sex, Death and Rock N’ Roll presented by legendary skater Tony Alva and Richard Villa III. The event also, included Celebrity guest host actress and scream queen Scout Taylor-Compton. Curated by Catharina Petersen, the event featured artists Jon Chase, Axis, Chloe Trujillo, Nazrn, Jamie La Chappa, Joseph Venable and Pro-skaters Mimi Knoop and Jason Adams who brought iconic rock stars back from the dead in a gallery space transformed from gallery by day to a ghoulish rock ‘n roll discotheque by night.

Bloody dismembered body parts in shrink-wrap and dingy skulls nestled their way onto shelves while green-glowing cobwebs smothered the walls in an eerie lacework. A nice touch of punk was found high on the ceiling in the form of a disco ball shaped as a glimmering skull that shed light onto the macabre shrine below. Dozens of flickering candles burning inside glasses with the image of Catholic saints and the Virgin Mary surrounded a decrepit corpse bride, a sight reminiscent of a gothic prayer altar, setting the tone for what could be a demented late-night church service—a perfect juxtaposition for the Sex Pistols and Blackhearts tunes DJ’s Miss Ninja from KIIS FM and DJ Notorious Jen spun that got people moving on the dance floor throughout the night.

The scene buzzed with the walking dead, drag queens, and Run-D.M.C. imposters all wanting to dance and mingle after viewing the artwork along the walls. A glow-in-the-dark painting of Joey Ramone before a lime green moon by artist Nazrn hung in the corner and was a conversation starter for those waiting for a drink at the open bar found just near it. A small group dressed as chainsaw massacre victims took pictures with their cell phones standing next to a black and white piece of Kurt Cobain by artist Jamie La Chappa, while a couple across the way praised a painting of Johnny Thunders by artist Jon Chase. Finishing their viewing rounds, a woman in Jason’s hockey mask covered in fake blood and men in KISS face paint chugged free beer and Jarritos while eating up gourmet pastries from Hansen’s Cakes, and then got right back on the makeshift dance floor without missing a beat.

Familiar faces like those of Robert Trujillo of Metallica, Tyler Mane of Rob Zombie’s Halloween horror films and supermodel Teela Laroux could all be spotted dipping throughout the crowd at the event. Party-goers must have heard the rumors of the awesome trick-or-treat gift bags raffled off for those donning costumes, because every undead soul in the building clutched a raffle ticket for the chance to win signed, numbered Alva limited edition skate decks, as well as gifts from Dr. Martens, Lip Service, Alva, Tech Decks and more. Scout Taylor-Compton decided the winner for the Scream Queen contest—as only the Halloween star could—after guests were invited to scream bloody murder into the mic for a chance to walk away with free clothing from Lip Service, Dr. Martens, a pair of docs and a limited edition Alva deck signed and numbered by Tony Alva.

Another Exhibit A party success. It was a night dedicated to Halloween horrors, but staying true to rebel skater roots are the Alva parties’ loyal attendees—the skaters who walk in, boards under their arms, who occasionally set them down to do a quick ollie just to keep the legs loose. Nearing the end of the night a guy in pedestrian clothing walks up, board in hand, wearing only a white V-neck tee, baggy jeans, skate shoes and an apparently dazed look of confusion on his face. He asks, What is this? What’s all going on here? Thinking I’ve misunderstood the question, I say, This is a Halloween party, dude. We’re at Alva right now. I urge for him to explain his perplexity, which he does by asking if there are any small ramps in the gallery and where he could find them. He says he’s heard some things. I direct him to at least a handful of others who might actually be able to answer his query and hand over a tamarind flavored Jarritos soda. He simply shakes his head, puts his hand to his face and rubs his cheek. I’m sorry. I’m so out of it. I’m just totally mesmerized right now – he says right before taking his board outside with him and skating off. All of the characters come out to have a good time at Exhibit A – costume or no costume—skateboard or no skateboard. It’s never dull at Exhibit A Gallery.

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Jeffrey Deitch ~ Nowness Interview

The Nowness interviews Museum of Contemporary Art [MOCA]’s director Jeffrey Deitch and tours his Los Feliz home containing prominent artworks — Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Aaron Young and Andy Warhol.

You can oogle deets @

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The Totally Bitchin’ Night of the Dead 3 ~ Exhibit A

The Exhibit A gallerists Richard Villa and Tony Alva are having their annual The Totally Bitchin’ Night of the Dead 3: Sex, Death & Rock N’ Roll on Saturday, October 30 @ 7:00pm to Midnight. You can oogle deets @ and rsvp @

Exhibit A1086 South Fairfax Avenue — Los Angeles, California [90019].

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Exit Through The Gift Shop ~ Producer & Editor

The producer [Jaimie D’Cruz] and editor [Chris King] of Exit Through The Gift Shop discuss the assembly of Banksy-&-Thierry Guetta [Mr. Brainwash] documentary. Enjoy the 41 minutes and 57 seconds interview –

“Putting together a documentary with a director who doesn’t show his face in public, 100s of cassettes of footage that is not catalogued, and an unpredictable charater at the center of it.” – DP/30’s David Poland

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Carl Rauschenbach [CR] ~ Works/First

Known Gallery is presenting artist Carl Rauschenbach [CR]’s Works/First with an opening reception on Saturday, October 23 at 8:00 to 11:00pm. The CR Works/First exhibit is a “collection of new abstract work based on a continuation of a theme he has been developing since 2004.”

Known Gallery is rooted at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California [90036] @ 310.860.6263.

Referencing Sign Painting, Typography and Graffiti as a point of departure, CR reinterprets the letterform into his own abstract language and now finds himself sampling his own work to create new bold and intimate forms within the picture frame. Influences include Josef Albers from the Bauhaus (1920 – 1933), Phase2 known as the originator of bubble letters or “softies” from New York graffiti in the 1970’s.

In early 2010 CR met PUSH for the first time at Known Gallery while working on the installation of two major shows. Following the gallery’s inaugural Haze x Stussy show, the “Freedom Show”, is when CR and PUSH exhibit work together for the first time. Long time graffiti legend Eric Haze, who initially introduced the two, says: “I saw a lot of parallels in both of their styles and the economy of how they executed their ideas… Plus, I also had a strong feeling that they would connect personally, considering they both share the same quiet kind of dedication to perfecting the math of their own visions.”

As a result of the bond made during this period, CR was invited by PUSH and Known Gallery to participate in this show, for which he has responded with a new body of work to be unveiled this month.

CR has worked as a studio assistant for Ryan McGinness, James Marshall (Dalek) and Eric Haze, during which time he spent years of drawing and mastering the abstract style that he works in today. Rauschenbach currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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Gus Van Sant’s Restless ~ Trailer

Enjoy the trailer for director Gus Van Sant’s upcoming film – Restless – which tells the story of a delusional ill-girl and an ongoing funeral-guest boy with their encounter a Japanese kamikaze pilot ghost. Restless is written by Jason Lew and produced by Brett Cranford, Brian Grazer, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard.

Restless hits theaters on Friday, January 28 which stars Mia Wasikowska, Henry Hopper, Ryo Kase and Schuyler Fisk.

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Meet Hackum Sackum ~ Artist & Filmmaker

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen artist-&-filmmaker Hackum Sackum out-and-about with his 16mm camera and furry-hoddie-ears and because he’s a swell artist, I thought [RR] kiddies might dig his artistry. Enjoy oogling his work @, and

Yesenia A.

An excerpt from yourmarshingmymellow tumblr ~

My First Short Film.

Hello everyone –

As you all know, I’m working on a 16mm short, that I’m almost done with, I’ve been trying to do it for so long it seems surreal that I’m actually almost done with it. I’ll be premiering it soon, (hopefully) so I’ll come to you guys with full details when it’s done.

It features a lovely woman by the name of Anna. This is her.

Like I typed: Lovely. Stay tuned @

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Doug Aitken: House ~ Regen Project I

The upcoming exhibition of artist Doug Aitken’s photography, sculpture, books, sound and video installations opens on Thursday, November 11 at 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Regen Projects I. The exhibition will remain on view til Saturday, December 18.

Regen Projects I and Regen Projects II are located at 633 N. Almont Drive and 9016 Santa Monica Boulevard [@ Almont Drive] in Los Angeles, California [90069], respectively.

[Doug Aitken]’s non-linear narratives examine space and time through the altered perception of the experiencing subject. A continued interest in architecture is explored in Aitken’s most recent film — House — on view at Regen Projects. The film’s changing environment characterizes the nomadic existence often portrayed in the artist’s futuristic landscapes. Also on view will be an experimental lightbox, as well as a new photograph derived from the video.

House depicts a couple stoically seated at a table in a residential home. Facing one another, their gaze locked, debris and fragments of the house fall around them. The two protagonists remain untouched as the house crumbles and disappears, leaving only the demarcation of its shape in an empty lot that fades in the closing scene. Throughout the film, the apparatus of destruction is never shown. These devices become part of the film’s expanded narrative, implicating what happens outside the framed image. House is exhibited as an installation shown on double monitors set in the midst of rubble and detritus. The spectator views the film surrounded by remains, becoming immersed in the fragments of what was once a home. Exploring themes of urban isolation and emotional alienation, House is a slow moving film that plays with memory and temporality.

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Push ~ Divided Attention ~ 1st Solo Show

Artist Push is exhibiting his first solo show – Divided Attention – at Known Gallery with an opening reception on Saturday, October 23 at 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Known Gallery is rooted 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California [90036] @ 310.860.6263.

Known Gallery presents “Divided Attention” PUSH’s first landmark solo show.

On Saturday, October 23 — PUSH’s street-smart installations transform into gallery worthy paintings, celebrated by Known Gallery, Los Angeles until November 23, 2010. To mark the opening, PUSH will be painting larger than life feature installations both inside and outside on the façade of the gallery building.

A self-taught painter and sculptor, PUSH was inspired early on by skateboarding and the burgeoning west coast graffiti scene. He credits his friendship with fellow AWR/MSK crew member SABER as helping to define his path in life as well as shaping his art making work ethic.

In 2007, PUSH’s early work caught the eye of media sponsor, LA Weekly: “Trying to define Push’s work is unfair, and nearly impossible. It’s easier to say it’s like nothing else: informed by postmodern abstract splatter paintings, yet rigid, neon and precise. Introverted and quiet, he’s the thinking man’s graffiti artist.”

After his many years of global graffiti writing invitations and participation in numerous group exhibits, DividedAttention brings together PUSH’s latest paintings, debuting an evolved style and introducing a new, sophisticated color palette. When asked why it took so long for the Seventh Letter’s man of mystery to have his own show, he demurs. “I want to show something that is natural, balanced, and thought out. And timing is everything.”

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Banksy’s The Simpson ~ Opening Sequence

Artist Banksy storyboards and directs the opening sequence of Twentieth Century Fox television animation The Simpson and it’s worth oogling below –

You can oogle Banksy @ and

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