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Ray Turner ~ Rivera & Rivera [Gallery]

Rivera & Rivera is pleased to join over 220 galleries and design firms participating in the 14th Annual Avenues Art & Design Walk on Saturday, March 26 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.

The Rivera & Rivera will feature the works of Ray Turner. Curated by art critic Peter Frank — the exhibit includes over two hundred selected works from Turner’s perpetually-expanding portrait series ~ Population ~ which examines the subtleties of physical variation and society’s preoccupation with faces.

Ray Turner ~ curated by Peter Frank
The Avenues Art & Design Walk
Saturday, March 26 @ 3:00pm ~ 7:00pm

So join Rivera & Rivera for a champagne reception at 3:00pm to 7:00pm.

The Population exhibition travels next to the Long Beach Museum of Art. In 2012, the exhibition travels to the the Wichita Art Museum, the Akron Art Museum and the Museum of Glass.

Date ~ Saturday, March 26 @ 3:00 ~ 7:00pm
Exhibition Dates ~ Saturday, March 19 through Thursday, May 19.

Rivera & Rivera is located at 454 N. Robertson ~ West Hollywood [California] ~ 310.713.1635.

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D*Face ~ Going Nowhere Fast

The Corey Helford Gallery presents D*Face’s Going Nowhere Fast on Saturday, April 9 with an opening reception at 7:30pm ~ 10:00pm ~ and it’ll be on view ’til Wednesday, April 27.

Angelique Groh [Charm School] ~ For Going Nowhere Fast, D*Face challenges society’s fascination with celebrity through his satirical exploration of fame, power and material-obsessed culture. Transforming the gallery into a multi-media vault of aPOPcalyptic new works, D*Face immortalizes the deaths of America‚Äôs most illustrious icons from Andy Warhol to Michael Jackson with an all-star milieu of new paintings, sculptures and installations.

Also on display will be Flutterdies, an unusual sculpture series fashioned from authentic butterflies and insects combined with spray can caps that D*Face has collected over the years. Going Nowhere Fast will culminate with a shocking red carpet experience on opening night.

Corey Helford Gallery is located 8522 Washington Boulevard in Culver City [California ~ 90232] @ 310.287.2340. It doors are open on Tuesdays ~ Saturdays at 12:00noon ~ 6:00pm.

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Patrick Martinez’s Hustlemania @ Known Gallery

The Known Gallery and its curatorial director Casey Zoltan present Patrick Martinez’s Hustlemania and Robert Abeyta Jr’s All Necessary Means on Saturday, March 19 with an opening reception at 8:00 pm to 11:00pm.

Hustlemania and All Necessary Means shall be on view until Saturday, April 9.

Known Gallery is rooted at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles [California 90036] @ 310.860.6263. The doors are open on Wednesdays ~ Saturdays @12:00 noon ~ 7:00pm and Sundays @ 12:00noon ~ 6:00pm.

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Chris Brown ~ Look At Me Now ~ Video

Musician Chris Brown didn’t f**k around with his ill vid of Look At Me Now featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. Brown oogles about his new disc F.A.M.E. and high-art in Page Six Magazine.

The F.A.M.E. hits the streets on Tuesday, March 22.

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Paul Minor ~ Possession [Short Film]

Director Paul Minor [Editor ~ Push Your Head Towards the Air, AFI ~ Medicate and Muse ~ Starlight] teamed up with designers The Battalion and S.S. Halajian to shoot a new short film ~ Possession ~ exclusively for Ben Trovato.

Possession was shot on 35mm with 2:24 TRT ~

Conceptually, it is really all in the title, Possession, which obviously has a double meaning. I wanted to play with multiple planes of overlapping action, and it all kind of comes back to this idea of twos and binary opposition throughout the piece. I’m sure there is a dash of Voodoo in there too. Maybe I’ve seen The Serpent And The Rainbow on cable one to many times ~ Minor.

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