Installation [Magazine] ~ Issue One: California

Installation Media recently launched a new California based quarterly arts publication ~ Installation Magazine ~ and curated gallery preview series ~ Galleries Installed. The curated 108 page glossy mag juxtaposes thoughtful analysis with visceral, lucid, and imaginative photography and art direction. The first issue featuring 45 artists ~ traces the development of emerging, mid-career and established talent in Los Angeles ~ complete with comprehensive interviews and studio visits.

Each issue centers around a critical / analytical theme that helps readers develop a discerning aesthetic sensibility, starting with a theme of California. Limited edition Print copies [first 1000 copies are signed and numbered] are available at and in August will be available at a selection of affluent art and design locations throughout Los Angeles. Single issues are $25 and Annual subscriptions are available at $75 / year with free shipping. A curated magazine released four times per year. Available in digital [released in September] and printed formats [available now].

Installation Magazine Issue One: California features artists Lisa Adams, Amy Adler, Kevin Appel, Jake Ashwell, Augor, Anna Ayeroff, John Baldessari, Jay Brockman, Tony De Los Reyes, Sean Duffy, David Eddington, Charlie Edmiston, Sonny Gerasimowicz, Keegan Gibbs, Alessandro Gottardo, Iva Gueorguieva, Hugh Holland, How & Nosm, Raffi Kalenderian, David Kantrowitz, Martin Kersels, Spencer Lowell, El Mac, Dylan Maddux, Patrick Martinez, Maggie Mull, Tim Navis, Quam Odunsi, Steve Olson, Tia Pulitzer, Push, Carl CR Rauschenbach, Retna, Revok, Victor Reyes, Rime, Cole Rise, Evan Robarts, Mark Strassner, Don Suggs, Willie T., George Thompson, Kellesimone Waits, Michelle Wiener, Marianne Williams and Vasa.

Issue One Editorial Departments include:
~ I / Focus Feature: Artists invite Installation into their private work spaces to discuss their practice, share personal stories, and preview works in progress.
~ Dialogue + Discover: Conversations with established and emerging artists working in all medium.
~ Plates + Slides: Cataloging works in various medium including but not limited to photography, painting, installation, public art, film, sculpture and mixed media.
~ Free Flow: Installation invites leading artists and curators to design their own editorial department within the magazine. From presentations of personal diaries to original commissioned illustrations and photography – Free Flow is unpredictable and completely redefined with each issue.
~ Studio Visit By A. Moret: A quarterly commentary that reflects on the LA art scene though a curious lens.
~ Scene + Unseen: Scenes photographed by leading contemporaries in photography and design, behind-the-scene moments, and personal insight into the life of the art and creative industries.

Get your copy and support local artists @ and follow Installation on Twitter – @Installationmag.

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