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Cheryl Dunn’s Everybody Street ~ Documentary

Hello Photographers [x] Photography Enthusiasts ~ Lovers of History [x] New York City

My name is Cheryl Dunn and I’m a fellow photographer and the director of Everybody Street ~ a feature documentary about NYC street photographers who have taken some of the most iconic images of the last century. Whether you take pictures with your phone or a Leica ~ you will relish the opportunity to hear the real stories of the men and women who are the very foundation of the street photography movement and of the medium itself.

The film ~ shot on 16mm and High Definition cameras ~ and with a score by NYC Band Endless Boogie, takes you into the studios and out onto the streets where you will see firsthand the working techniques of these incredible artists as they unfold in the theater of New York City. Many of my subjects have never been documented before, remaining instead hidden behind their cameras.

The short that I initially made received such a warm reception that I felt it my mission to get it to a wider audience. After being invited to show the short at the Tate Modern Museum in London ~ I spent the summer shooting more incredible photographers and street scenes. With the attention this garnered ~ we now have the amazing opportunity to record some additional ~ pivotal scenes with unprecedented access. In addition, I have been lucky enough to hire the talented editor David Zeiff The Cove, Some Kind of Monster, Crazy Love to bring it on home.

With your help, I will be able to complete this final phase with the respect and quality that these talented artists deserve.

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In The Land of Blood & Honey ~ 1st-Look Trailer

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Marvel’s The Avengers ~ 1st-Look Trailer

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Sam Graham ~ Twins [x] Soul Mates [x] Co.

Artist Sam Graham has released a trio of new artworks ~ Twins, Soul Mates and Reverse Psychology ~ on his site ~ The Museum site is home to the creative outpourings of Sam Graham ~ its permanent artist-in-residence. With paintings, animation, music, et cetera. They hope ooglers enjoy Graham’s many brain products.

The Cal Arts alumni Sam Graham is a up-and-coming Los Angeles underground artist of many mediums. He works in painting, drawing, animation, music, and more. He has shown in Los Angeles’ Cannibal Flower and The Hive galleries and his art will be used in the MTV show I Just Want my Pants Back. He recently created Museum of Sam a site devoted to showcasing his projects and collaborations of the last few years. Keep an eye out for his work in and around Los Angeles and on the net

To oogle Graham, visit

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