Terence Koh Rides a Bike. Tim Barber.

GRANDLIFE: The Terence Koh x Opening Ceremony video was great. The music was perfect, it’s just like the music that plays when you open a jewelry box and a ballerina spins.

TIM BARBER: Yeah, it’s just like a music box. The story behind that is we met up with Terence at his apartment and he was busy when we got there, so we waited for him for about a half hour in this room and that song was playing on loop. It’s this big empty room that’s all black with nothing in it, no furniture and just these two amazing white cats walking around. I think he was just playing it for his cats. So that was in my head and we were like, “well, that’s obviously the song that we have to play for the video.” We couldn’t get the rights to that recording because it’s a really old song, a Chopin song, so we got my friend to re-record it and he was able to match the sound, that music box sound, which was really nice.

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