XVALA. Justin Beiber’s Banana Split. 2012.

Justin Beiber’s – Banana Split: A Memento for Celebrity Exes. 2012.

Post-PC Artist XVALA has casted a chocolate sculpture from items found in Justin Bieber’s residential trash can.

“Banana Split: A Memento for Celebrity Exes” is a life-size chocolate sculpture of a banana stuffed in a hot dog bun, partially inspired by the media’s relentless coverage of celebrity split-ups and the inevitable outcome of the fledgling relationship of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Xvala. Funny Games Exhibition.

“XVALA wanted to produce a piece that articulates society’s interest in the destruction of celebrity relationships for some time now”, said Cory Allen. “Conceptually, it was the perfect marriage discovering the items he needed in Bieber’s trash.”

“The banana and bun combination is a collective implication of social media’s imitation of pop culture,” said XVALA. “When our personal relationships are exploited, we become intimate with everyone.”

The sculpture was fabricated into chocolate from two of the moldy items selected and salvaged by the artist when he stole the pop star’s residential trash can last month to construct the Bieber robot “BieberBot”. The mass produced chocolate memento will be accessible to celebrity exes at the 85th Academy Awards on February 24, 2013.

“The ‘Banana Split’ will only exist as a print,” said XVALA. “Consumption is the art, and it should be divine…and mass produced.”

“We are currently working with several network channels on distributing interests of making celebrity consumption of failed relationships a fine art in chocolate form,” said Cory Allen. “Hopefully this will help promote the bad tastes of our culture.”

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