Branded Arts. Block Party. Saturday 11.10.2012.

The World’s Most Adorable Art CriticDaniel Rolnik and Reserve Result have teamed up to present a limited edition T-shirt & Polaroid combo pack. The 10 available sets will be on display for the first time at The Branded Arts Block Party happening on Saturday, November 10 from 1:00pm to 1:00am at 8810 Washington Boulevard. However, due to the nature of the event and all the guest appearances by artists and musicians, we suggest that you come early to purchase your pack. Especially, since each Polaroid is edition 1 of 1 and therefore contains a unique image.

Live Music by: David Dann, Magic Notes, Slim Jeff, Raquel Rodriguez, Cameron St. Denise, Jake Ross, Rebel, Mr. Number Onederful, Mr. Fitz, DJ Down To Earth, and DJ Bus Rider.

Live Art by: John Park, Angelina Christina, Allison Torneros, Hans Walor, Michael Pukac, Emmeric Konrad, Jill Birdz, IQ, People Heart and Clinton Bopp.

Murals by: Dabs Myla [AUS], Herakut [GER], Anthony Lister [AUS], Rime [USA], Case [GER], David Flores [USA], Cyrcle [USA], Andrew Hem [USA], Yoskay Yamamoto [USA], Robert Standish [USA], Skullphone [USA], Shark Toof [USA], Miss Van [FRA], Dan Quintana [USA], Meggs [AUS], Surge [USA], Gaia [USA], Clinton Bopp [NZ] and Duncan Lemmon [USA]

Date: Saturday, November 10.
Time: 1:00pm – 1:00am.
Where: 8810 Washington Boulevard. Culver City, California.
Details: 18 & under get in FREE. Everyone else is $20 for bar.

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