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Levi’s® Streetwear Collection SS13.

Featuring European skateboarders Jacob Ovgren and Alessandro Magnani. Levi’s Streetwear Collection Spring / Summer 2013 is available in your local skateshop, exclusively in Europe.

Lincoln Commercial. SteerTheScript. Jimmy Fallon.

We took five original tweets, a few alpacas, and our new MKZ and re-imagined the way a commercial is written. This is our official, full-length #SteerTheScript commercial starring RevRun, Wil Wheaton, Emmitt Smith, and you.

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective. Tate Modern.

Roy Lichtenstein is renowned for his works based on comic strips and advertising imagery, coloured with his signature hand-painted Benday dots. This film brings together archival footage of Lichtenstein at home and at work in his studio, as well as interviews with his wife Dorothy and friend Frederic Tuten to create an intimate portrait of the artist.

A retrospective of Lichtenstein’s work, including 124 of the artist’s most definitive works at Tate Modern on Thursday, Feburary 21 through Monday, May 24.

James Franco. Spring Breakers. Red Band Trailer.

Four college girls who land in jail after robbing a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation find themselves bailed out by a drug and arms dealer who wants them to do some dirty work.

Muse Productions — Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith have been best friends since grade school. They live together in a boring college dorm and are hungry for adventure. All they have to do is save enough money for spring break to get their shot at having some real fun. A serendipitous encounter with rapper “Alien” promises to provide the girls with all the thrill and excitement they could hope for. With the encouragement of their new friend, it soon becomes unclear how far the girls are willing to go to experience a spring break they will never forget.

Xvala. The Tonight Show with Celebrity Chimp.

Musician Miles Bergsma and actor Dave Fein at artist Xvala’s The Tonight Show with Celebrity Chimp exhibition.

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