Steve Dayan for Secretary Treasurer of the Teamsters Union, LOCAL 399.

The candidate Steve Dayan for Secretary Treasurer of Local 399 — representing Studio drivers, animal wranglers and location managers & assistants — is addressing an ongoing issue of runaway film and television production and ever-changing Entertainment Industry in California. Here’s an excerpt from his 399membersfirst campaign —

It is time for our local to acknowledge what even the most casual observer knows – our industry has changed. And it continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace. We can no longer pretend that our usual, outdated responses will meet these new challenges. “Old School” tactics just won’t get the job done. We cannot continue to apply old solutions to modern problems.

That is why I’m running for the position of Secretary/Treasurer. We all owe Leo thanks for his years of service, but our local does not belong to any one individual or family. It is not a fiefdom. Our members, our union values and the future of our local must take priority.

The time has come for a new approach with fresh, innovative, progressive ideas. The time has come for energetic leadership that will take us forward, not let us fall behind. THE TIME HAS COME TO PUT 399 MEMBERS FIRST.

I believe that we must face our challenges head on with passion, integrity and transparency. As your new Secretary/Treasurer, that is what I intend to do.

With your support, I’m confident we can succeed.

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