Redact Whatever Is Privilege. Lluy Rodrigues. Quam Odunsi. Joshua Gibson. Dave Fein. Art. Comedy.

A Night of Art & Comedy
Featuring the artwork of Lluy Rodrigues, Quam Odunsi and Joshua Gibson
Comedy by Franklin Marshall Robert Chambers @NinaDaniels Jake Weisman Laurie Kilmartin.
**Comedy show starts at 8pm sharp. Art show exhibition on display and open for viewing through out the evening. Drinks and music following comedy show.
The event takes place at Joshua Gibson live/work ‘ THE GIBSON’ space to promote artists working in ALL MEDIAS
Drinks are going to be served and it’s BYO.

Redact Whatever Is Privilege-FLYERV2

On Saturday, April 04, 2015, we are having an underground, one-night only exhibition of new works by artists Lluy Rodrigues, Joshua Wynn Gibson and Quam Odunsi — including performances by Dave Fein and Franklin Marshall III at 722 S Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 at 8:00pm.

Date: Saturday, April 04, 2015
Time: 8:00pm
Location: 722 S Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA 90014 – 3rd Floor

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