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Concussion. Trailer. Will Smith. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Alec Baldwin. Albert Brooks.

Will Smith stars in Concussion, a dramatic thriller based on the incredible true David vs. Goliath story of American immigrant, Nigerian Dr. Bennet Omalu — the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE — a football-related brain trauma, in a pro player and fought for the truth to be known. Omalu’s emotional quest puts him at dangerous odds with one of the most powerful institutions in the world.

Rest In Peace. Noah Davis.

Youth. Trailer. Paolo Sorrentino. Michael Caine. Harvey Keitel. Rachel Weisz. Paul Dano. Jane Fonda.

From Paolo Sorrentino — the director of Italy’s Oscar foreign language winner THE GREAT BEAUTY comes YOUTH — about two longtime friends vacationing in the Swiss Alps. Oscar winning actor Michael Caine plays Fred, an acclaimed composer and conductor – who brings along his daughter [Rachel Weisz] and best friend Mick [Harvey Keitel] – a renowned filmmaker. While Mick scrambles to finish the screenplay for what he imagines will be his last important film, Fred has no intention of resuming his musical career. The two men reflect on their past, each finding that some of the most important experiences can come later in life.

Macklemore. Ryan Lewis. Downtown. Music Video.

Directed By
Ryan Lewis
Jason Koenig
Ben Haggerty

Written By
Ben Haggerty
Jason Koenig
Ryan Lewis

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Homeland Season 5. Trailer. Claire Danes. Rupert Friend. Mandy Patinkin. Miranda Otto.

HOMELAND season five will pick up two years after Carrie Mathison’s [Claire Danes] ill-fated tenure as Islamabad station chief. Struggling to reconcile her guilt and disillusionment with years of working on the front lines in the “war on terror,” Carrie finds herself in a self-imposed exile in Berlin, estranged from the CIA and working as the head of security for a German philanthropist. The series star Claire Danes, Rupert Friend, F. Murray Abraham, Sebastian Koch, Miranda Otto, Alexander Fehling, Sarah Sokolovic and Mandy Patinkin.

A$AP Rocky – Everyday. Music Video. Featuring Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson.

Banksy. Dismaland. Trailer.

Tale of Tales. Trailer. Salma Hayek. Vincent Cassel. Toby Jones.

We begin in the kingdom of Longtrellis, with a queen longing for a child of her own. When a mysterious figure arrives with a way for her to become pregnant, she immediately fulfills the requirements despite warnings of grave consequences. True to his word, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son. But another young woman involved in the ritual become pregnant as well and the two boys become inseparable friends, much to the queen’s dismay. Her desire to keep them apart will have a dire impact on all of their lives.

Not far away in the kingdom of Strongcliff, the king is busy bedding as many of his female subjects as humanly possible, sometimes two at a time. Stumbling through the castle one morning, still shaking off the cobwebs of the previous night’s adventures, he hears a beautiful voice singing in the bright sun. Drawn to the siren song, he calls to her but she flees back into her home. Never one to back down from a challenge, he knocks at her door later that evening. But she’s devised a surprise for the unsuspecting king…

And finally, in the kingdom of Highhills, the king spends most of his time obsessed with a rather odd pet. Meanwhile his daughter, Princess Violet, grows restless to marry, but the king is not yet ready to part with her. His pet’s untimely death inspires the king to concoct a bizarre tournament for the hand of his daughter. Assuming his challenge to be unsolvable, the king feels smug as suitor after suitor is turned away. But one lowly citizen may have the specific skills to foil the king’s clever plan.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Trailer. Tye Sheridan. David Koechner. Cloris Leachman.

Three scouts and lifelong friends join forces with one badass cocktail waitress to become the world’s most unlikely team of heroes. When their peaceful town is ravaged by a zombie invasion, they’ll fight for the badge of a lifetime and put their scouting skills to the test to save mankind from the undead.

Carol. Teaser Trailer. Cate Blanchett. Rooney Mara. Sarah Paulson. Kyle Chandler. Jake Lacy.

Starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara & set against the glamourous backdrop of 1950s New York, Carol is an achingly beautiful depiction of love against the odds. From the author of The Talented Mr. Ripley and acclaimed director Todd Haynes comes a powerful drama about a married woman who risks everything when she embarks on a romance with a younger department store worker.

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