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Peter Macdissi, Summer Bishil @ Towelhead

Actors Peter Macdissi and Summer Bishil screen their Alan Ball film – Towelhead – at The Landmark Theater hosted by Film Independent in Los Angeles. Towelhead hits New York and Los Angeles theaters on September 12, and is based on Alicia Erian’s novel of the same name.

Ball’s new HBO television series – True Blood – stars Oscar winner Anna Paquin and based on Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire book series, featuring vampires who imbibe a synthetic blood that allows them to commingle among mortals in a small Louisiana town. True Blood premieres September 7 on HBO television.

Amy Graves / WireImage

Synopsis: When Jasira, a 13-year-old Arab-American girl, is exiled by her mother to live with her strict Lebanese father in Houston, she quickly learns that her new neighbors find her and her father odd and exotic. Worse, her budding womanhood makes her traditional and hot-tempered father uncomfortable. Lonely in this unfamiliar environment, Jasira seeks to connect with those around her and finds both comfort and cruelty. Discovering that her ethnicity and newfound sexuality make her a target, Jasira must confront racism and hypocrisy both at home and at school. Jasira is drawn to her Army reservist neighbor, Mr. Vuoso (Aaron Eckhart), who captivates her attention with his stacks of men’s magazines and confusing sweet talk. As she struggles to make sense of her raging hormones, she finds friendship and physical intimacy with an older schoolmate, Thomas (Eugene Jones). But even that relationship causes problems when her father discovers that Thomas is black. Driven by a deep longing for affection and acceptance, Jasira becomes the embodiment of the racial, sexual and political agendas of these very different men in her life–her father with his old world ideas of women; her dangerously alluring neighbor, Mr. Vuoso, and Thomas, who offers the promise of some feeling of connection through sex. When Melina (Toni Collette), a concerned neighbor and expectant mother, tries to help her, Jasira’s explosive situation comes to a head.

Ball is repped by Andrew Cannava @ United Talent Agency.

Harvey Dent’s Two Face’s Aaron Eckhart Humps Men’s Health

The villainous Harvey Dent aka Two Face’s alter-ego actor Aaron Eckhart promotes Batman: The Dark Knight and good health by gracing the cover and pages of Men’s Health magazine. The issue hits newsstand on Tuesday, June 24.

On Batman’s co-star Gary Oldman: When I’m on set with guys like Gary (Oldman), who I really admire, I’m pumping him for information all the time. I asked him, ‘What was it like on Sid & Nancy, how did you do that part, what were you thinking when you did that, or what would you do here?’

On Heath Ledger’s acting method on Batman: On When Heath (Ledger) and I were doing our stuff, I’d look at him and think, ‘What’s he doing, how’s he ramping up for that? What’s he thinking?’ I always look at people to see how they practice their craft.”

The Dark Knight looms into cineplexes on July 18.

Batman – Dark Knight’s Harvey Dent / Two-Face

The upcoming Batman – The Dark Knight‘s Harvey Dent promotional ads are rolling out. Check out ‘I Believe in Harvey Dent’ campaign postcard below –

Six Minutes of Batman – The Dark Knight

RR Watch: First 6 Minutes of Batman’s The Dark Knight

Warner Brothers Studio have leaked the first six minutes of The Dark Knight, which reveals the opening sequence with The Joker (Heath Ledger) and Prison Break’s William Fitchner.