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Lee Toland Krieger @ The Vicious Kind

Encore Channel’s Party Down actor Adam Scott, Brittany Snow, Alex Frost and JK Simmons star in writer & director Lee Toland Krieger’s The Vicious Kind. Adam Scott is always a strong actor and definitely one to watch, enjoy the trailer below –

The Vicious Kind is Lee Toland Krieger’s sophomoric feature film and it opens in theaters on Friday, December 11 and everywhere else in 2010.

A redemption tale focused on Adam Scott’s Caleb Sinclaire, a bitter construction worker whose life is turned upside down one Thanksgiving weekend. Estranged from his family, Caleb lives an isolated, but contented, life. Following a difficult breakup, he becomes scornful toward women and wears his disdain as a badge of honor. Caleb’s resolve is tested, however, when he meets his younger brother Peter’s new girlfriend, Emma. Immediately distrustful of her, Caleb warns Peter that she will only end up hurting him. Despite his efforts to protect his brother, he finds himself drawn to Emma and surprised by his growing attraction. Caleb’s unexpected feelings force him finally to confront the vulnerability he has struggled so long to conceal.

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Adam Scott’s Party Down @ Starz Channel

This morning, I watched Starz Channel‘s new 1/2 hour comedy – Party Down – about Los Angeles dreamers whoring themselves out as less-than-qualified caterers and it’s pretty freaking funny and Starz Channel has posted the first episode online with their other funny comedy – Alexandra Wentworth’s Head Case: Season 3 which I’m watching right now.

Adam Scott, Ryan Hansen, Martin Starr, Lizzy Caplan, Ken Marino and Jane Lynch star in Party Down and it’s executive produced by Rob Thomas and Paul Rudd.
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