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Madonna & Lady Gaga @ Saturday Night Live!

The Queen of Pop – Madonna and newly reign Princess of Pop – Lady Gaga duked it out on a forced sketch on Saturday Night Live in a segment with SNL-ers Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg. The SNL was hosted by Ryan Reynolds and Lady Gaga was the musical guest.

Stefani Joanne Germanotta aka Lady Gaga is repped by Marc Geiger @ WME Entertainment and attorney Gary Stiffelman @ Ziffren Brittenham LLP. Ryan Rodney Reynolds is repped by Darren Statt @ United Talent Agency, attorney David Weber @ Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern and publicist Meredith O’Sullivan @ 42West.

New Moon – Preview of Trailer

The staffers @ Entertainment Tonight [ET] do what they do best, they tease. This time, with tween’s vampire-love sequel to mega-hit Twilight saga – New Moon. The folks @ ET deliver the preview of the trailer for New Moon, enjoy salivating over nothing below.

To catch the full New Moon trailer, you’ll have to be strapped watching MTV Movie Awards hosted by Andy Samberg on Sunday. Good luck with wasting three hours of your life on that mind-numbing program. The Hills season finale with series regular – Lauren Conrad’s final episode airs on Sunday night as well, before the MTV Movie Awards.

Director Chris Weitz’s New Moon hits theaters on Friday, November 20. Edward Cullen has already rescued Bella from the clutches of one evil vampire, but now, as their daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them, they realize their troubles may be just beginning.
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Jonah Hill F***** Andy Samberg’s Dad

In Saturday Night Live digital short, Jonah Hills admits to Andy Samberg that he’s dating and fucking his dad – played by James Downey. The funny short was based on Jonah Hill’s dream of a similar nature.

The short was directed by Akiva Schaffer, who’s attached to Hill’s upcoming comedy – The Adventurer’s Handbook.var addthis_pub=”reserveresult”;
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Jessica Biel’s Jessica Rabbit @ SNL

Andy Samberg’s comic-strip Cathy, Justin Timberlake’s Irving as Cathy’s husband and Jessica Biel’s Jessica Rabbit made a funny appearance on Seth Myers’ Weekend News Update during Saturday Night Live.

Jessica Biel’s Jessica Rabbit is the femme fatale anime from director Robert Zemeckis’ Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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Sarah Palin Lampoons Herself @ SNL

The Republican vice-president nominee Sarah Palin one-up Tina Fey by lampooning herself on Saturday Night Live (SNL) to big viewing numbers. The SNL appearance hits a rating high of 14 million viewers, the best since 1994.

Congratulation to Mrs. Palin on her sketch comedy appearance, and now she can communicate her plans to reconcile our nation’s economic issues, hopefully with the same enthusiasm and degree of success.

Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg made guest appearances on the program as well, and Wahlberg was there to confront Andy Samberg on his parody of Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals on prior week’s sketch.

Mark Wahlberg’s new flick – Max Payne was number one over the weekend, with $18 millions at the box office.

Mark Wahlberg Won’t Hump SNL & Obama Dow

On the press junket, Mark Wahlberg let it be known that he was offended by the hilarious sketch on SNL called Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals. Andy Samberg’s impression is spot on.

Also, as postscript to the last update, the world’s stock markets are up today. And so is Obama. State polling has him solidly ahead not only in the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, but in Virginia. Keep in mind Richmond, Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy. West Virginia, North Dakota, North Carolina, and Missouri are now swing states. This is huge.

Special thanks to for the continuing excellent coverage of the election. Writer / Director Jason Stürmer is a contributing writer for (RR).

Shia LaBeouf @ Saturday Night Live! – Video

Shia LaBeouf is hosting Saturday Night Live on May 10th, and the musical guest is My Morning Jacket. And you can check out his preview video with Andy Samberg below –

Ellen Page Hosts Saturday Night Live

Ellen Page hosts Saturday Night Live and makes fun of the lesbian rumor, and Andy Samberg mocks Diablo Cody during Ellen’s monologue. Wilco was the musical guest.

You can watch Andy Samberg and Ellen Page on SNL here.

Amy Poehler & Andy Samberg @ American Museum of Natural History

Will Forte, Brian Williams, Lorne Michaels, Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers and Andy Samberg attend New York’s American Museum of Natural History event.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

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