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The Seventh Letter ~ Black Friday [Sale]

The Seventh Letter artistry clothing line is having a Black Friday Sale on Friday, November 25 at Known Gallery from 12:00pm to 7:00pm. It’s located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue ~ Los Angeles, California ~ 90036.

Known Gallery

POSE & KC Ortiz ~ Whitewash

On view Saturday, November 19 – December 10, 2011

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

On Saturday, November 19, graffiti artist POSE and photojournalist KC Ortiz unveiled Whitewash ~ their second exhibition at Known Gallery ~ and their most cohesive to date.

For POSE, Whitewash references society’s attempt to eradicate graffiti and stifle human expression. “Shortly after I started writing graffiti, Chicago took an extremely hard-line stance on its eradication, outlawing the sale of spraypaint and implementing Mayor Dayley’s Graffiti Blasters program,” POSE explains.

With this exhibition, POSE will recall a time before the buff. “I am digging into my fondest childhood memories of riding the train and seeing all the colors, letters and cartoon characters along the lines. Making these paintings has been an incredibly rich process, and it makes me thankful that no city official can eradicate my memories.”

POSE will show 15 new works in the main gallery. The work is rendered in his signature style—aggressive, hand-painted collages of pop-culture icons and ephemera—but feature deeper abstractions and new mediums. “I have six paintings on Plexiglass that were kind of an experiment,” POSE explains. “I wanted to be challenged by a new medium and process.”

For KC, Whitewash is about the people and places he photographs. “Much of the work I do covers those who have been ‘whitewashed,’ so to speak, by history and policy,” KC notes. “Specifically, the work I will be exhibiting is from West Papua and Burma. You won’t find either of those ‘nations’ on the map, as both have been essentially ‘whitewashed’ away. Burma has been renamed Myanmar by its ruling junta in order to establish the fantasy of a unified nation, and West Papua has been occupied by Indonesia since 1963 after a very controversial handover from the Dutch that was orchestrated by the United States.”

In the project room, KC will show 12 photographs of West Papua and Burma’s armed struggles. “The struggles are unified in their nature under the theme of resistance, the victimhood of whitewashing by the world at large, the beauty of their people, and the strength of the human spirit and dignity,” KC notes.

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Daniel Fuller’s Night For Day ~ Known Gallery

With photographer Daniel Fuller’s first west-coast exhibition ~ Night For Day ~ with works of Kevin Ancell, an opening reception will be held at Known Gallery on Saturday, May 21 at 8:00pm ~ 11:00pm. Night For Day will remain on view ’til Saturday, June 11.

Known Gallery is located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles [California ~ 90036] x The gallerists are available on Wednesday ~ Saturdays @ 12:00pm ~ 7:00pm and Sunday @ 12:00pm ~ 6:00pm.

RVCA and JERIKO will sponsor the opening reception, and visit and

Curatorial Director Casey Zoltan

As a photographer and a internationally renowned professional surfer Daniel Fuller has traveled the world and simultaneously observed and experienced with a unique perspective how the mind perceives and how the body projects through rapidly transforming visual realities within often physically life threatening situations. For his exhibition Night for Day Fuller has created images of an invisible world in a reversal of the day for night film technique to a night for day method where the moon acts as a reflector of the sun creating the resemblance of daylight and a vision of nocturnal consciousness.

Fuller shot the photographs for his Night for Day body of work between midnight and 5 am during the brightest full moon at waters edge in Hawaii and Mexico. Fuller’s long night time exposures capture the hauntingly beautiful locations such as Insanities, Keiki’s, Three tables, Hanakapi’ai, Monster Mush, and Playa Las Viudas. The choices of these spots were based on the predicted effects that the tones of the sand and the clarity and depths of water would have on the eventual exposure to moonlight. All of the work is an extension of time during which images build themselves according to the movements of natural forces. Clouds, water, and sand shift with wind to perform painterly strokes of light set against the constants of the horizon and the immovable rock formations. Here the unreality of day is built out of darkness.


Inspired by the tradition of theatrical pictorial innovation present in the landscape and seascape photography of Ansel Adams, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Andreas Gursky -Fuller has positioned his photographic practice against the notion of the decisive moment and instead creates the opportunity for the photograph to demonstrate a drawn out convergence of natural forces. The performance of creating these photos presents continuity with his surfing where stamina, projection through space and time set up an existential relationship to the resulting image. Fuller performs so nature can perform its self-painting process.

The photos become capacitors of time where light’s ability to describe perceptual space is accumulated and stored within 2 dimensions reflecting a movement toward a transcendental abstract space. Day for Night: Night for Day.

In filmmaking the Day for Night process is defined by scenes that are shot out doors during the very bright light of day using blue filters and underexposure to create the illusion of darkness or moonlight. Daniel Fuller inverts this process and sets conditions where the appearance of a nocturnal world is made through the accumulation of light and the sustained capturing of natural movement. Fuller’s photographs suggest the creation of a different human eye capable of night vision that sees the haunting appearance of the unimagined and the un-seeable.

Unlike the macro unreachable phenomenon of the images of the nebula as recorded by the Hubble or the micro world as seen through an electron microscope Fuller’s pictures illuminate our one to one state of being that is all around us. Like the dark matter within Natures nocturnal architecture our perception of existence would not work with out this missing link. Fuller’s Night for Day photographs create a visual ignition point for conceptualizing that missing link. ~ Richard Phillips

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Keegan Gibbs ~ Open Space ~ Known Gallery

The Seventh Letter shooter Keegan Gibbs will be exhibiting his first solo show ~ Open Space ~ at Known Gallery on Saturday, January 15 at 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Open Space includes installations by Sage Vaughn and Brendan Lynch.

Known Gallery is located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California [90036] @ 310.860.6263. Its doors are open on Wednesdays through Saturdays @ 12:00pm to 7:00pm and Sundays @ 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Known Gallery

Known Gallery [director] Casey Zoltan ~ “I really respect his work ethic and his dedication to capturing the moment at any cost”. Fear has no place when shooting images of the renowned Seventh Letter artists in action fifty feet above ground at 2 AM whilst dodging headlights and billy clubs. Likewise fear has no place while shooting film in the treacherous and sometimes deceptively peaceful oceans of the world, the featured subject of this exhibit called Open Space.

Keegan Gibbs ~ The ocean is the epicenter of my existence on this planet. I am an aquanaut on a thruster in this ever amazing and boundless source of liquid energy. For me every choice and relationship, all decisions and waking thoughts (and most dreams) are influenced and infused by the pull of the tides, the whiff of an offshore breeze, and the lucid corduroy lines gracefully stampeding towards the coast. Open Space is a collection of images, collages, and installations that evoke that balance in my life.

The ocean is and always has been the epicenter of my existence on this planet. I am an aquanaut on a thruster in this ever amazing and boundless liquid energy. I have optimized and streamlined my life to ensure maximum time gliding across water. Every choice and relationship, all decisions and waking thoughts (and most dreams) are influenced and infused by the pull of the tides, the whiff of an offshore breeze, and the lucid corduroy lines gracefully stampeding
towards the coast.

I go to the sea to surf, to bond with friends or to be alone, to let out aggression or to find inner peace. The moving ocean is my solid ground. The moment one stands up on a board, propelled by a wave racing across the sea, one is only aware of the present – nothing else. I have never found any other way to achieve that absolutely pure and meditative mindstate.

Open Space is my expression of the state one falls into while floating weightless off shore, looking out to sea, hoping and waiting for the next set. Troubles are isolated far away on the unreality of land, while you are free in the truest reality of water. It is a timeless unspoilable state that cannot be ruined, not even by the angry local that may be slashing your tires and waxing your windows simply because he doesn’t want to share some waves. To a surfer it’s an understandable act of necessary evil to keep an ungoverned subculture in form, and from it breaking into full bore beachblanket-bingo havoc.

Open Space is a collection of images, collages, and installations that evoke the balance in my life.

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Olson’s Boom Boom ~ Known Gallery

The skater-slash-artists Steve and Alex Olson will be exhibiting Boom Boom artworks at their opening reception on Saturday, December 18 at Known Gallery from 8:00pm to 11:00pm. The Boom Boom will be on view ’til Tuesday, January 18.

Known Gallery

Known Gallery is located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles [California ~ 90036]. You can oogle details and inquiries @ and

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