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ABC’s Sarah Palin Interview – Part 1

As many of you know, Sarah Palin has been off-limits to reporters since the announcement of her VP pick by McCain. Tonight is part 1 of her first sit down interview, and it’s on ABC tonight at 11:30. You may also read the transcript and some video snippets online right now on the ABC News website. Trust me, it is very revealing of who could be our next vice president and, potentially, our president. Charles Gibson asks some hard-hitting questions.


Also, there’s a fresh snippet of the interview on YouTube, which could serve to distance her from Bush, but not in a good way…

Update: Sarah Palin, in her send-off speech today to her son and his Iraq-bound brigade, linked 9/11 to Iraq, a view since discarded by Bush and the rest of the informed world.

Jason Stürmer is a staff writer.