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Watch ‘The Black List: Volume 2’ @ HBO

Film critic Elvis Mitchell and director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders are back with another ‘The Black List‘ series with Volume 2 which premieres tonight on HBO and includes 15 interviews with Tyler Perry, Laurence Fishburne, Melvin Van Peebles, T.D. Jakes, Angela Davis, Deval Patrick, Maya Rudolph, Charlie Pride, RZA, Kara Walker, Patrick Robinson, Barbara C. Harr, Mahora Carter, Dr. Valerie Montgomery-Rice and Suzanne De Passe.

I watched The Black List: Volume Two tonight on HBO On-Demand and absolutely loved it, but wished it was longer than 55 minutes because I couldn’t get enough of these luminary African Americans particularly Maya Rudolph, I was drawn to her depth and perspective of growing up in America.

Don’t miss The Black List: Volume Two on HBO and On-Demand. Elvis Mitchell and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, thanks again and I’m ready for Volume 3.

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Watch ‘The Black List – Volume One’ – Film

I watched The Black List documentary last night after the Democratic National Convention coverage, and I thoroughly enjoyed it because the doc redefined what it means to be on the black list and illuminated contemporary, non-victim African-Americans and their experiences. The film was shot by cinematographer Graham Willoughby, and for once the array of dark skins are pristinely photographed as they popped onscreen like images from humanize coffee table books.

Catch The Black List on cable and dive right in.

The Black List screened at Sundance Film Festival (Spectrum) and South by Southwest Film Festival, and began airing on HBO & On-Demand last
Monday, August 25th.

Don’t miss The Black List on HBO and On-Demand. Mr. Mitchell and Greenfield-Sanders, where’s volume 2.

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