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The Odd Squad: No – Episode 3

The hilarious crew of The Odd Squd web-series have release Episode 3 appropriately titled No, and thanks to Ryun Hovind for the email. They’ve disabled their embed vimeo capabilities, so visit their channel for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Executive Producer: MeLisa Lomelino / Written By: Nathan Davis and MeLisa Lomelino / Film Editing By: Ryun Hovind / Original Theme By: Travis Krouse / Cinematography By: Christopher Rutkowski / Production Design By: David Nicholson / Sound Editing by: Alec Sherrie / Makeup & Hair By: Jackie Soriano / Costume Design By: Joquena Lomelino / Documentary Footage By: Eddi Garcia / Camera Operators: Neil Arellano and AJ Wedding / Sound Department: Steve Zelt [Mixer] & Jason Roberts [Boom Operator] / Script Coordinator: Patty Lerma / Production Assistants: Emily Waizenegger and Jessica Buchanan / Extras: Kris Kimberly

The Odd Squad: Making History – 1st Episode

My playwright bud and past (RR)-er political contributor Jason [Stürmer] Roberts worked on these funny family webisodes – The Odd Squad, and I thought you kids would enjoy it. The first episode appropriately titled Making History is below for your viewing.

Update: The Odd Squad crew disabled the embed vimeo clip, so I’ve included their website link below for your viewing.

Executive Producer: MeLisa Lomelino
Written By: Nathan Davis and MeLisa Lomelino
Film Editing By: Ryun Hovind
Original Theme By: Travis Krouse
Cinematography By: Christopher Rutkowski
Production Design By: David Nicholson
Sound Editing by: Alec Sherrie
Makeup & Hair By: Jackie Soriano
Costume Design By: Joquena Lomelino
Documentary Footage By: Eddi Garcia
Camera Operators: Neil Arellano and AJ Wedding
Sound Department: Steve Zelt [Mixer] & Jason Roberts [Boom Operator]
Script Coordinator: Patty Lerma
Production Assistants: Emily Waizenegger and Jessica Buchanan
Extras: Kris Kimberly

Bush Equals Nero

After 8 years of awful stewardship, the economy is toppling. Like a fifty car pile-up, industries are slamming on the brakes trying to avoid the housing / financial / manufacturing crisis. For nearly every member of Obama’s cabinet, there will be a mammoth all-consuming problem to overcome. The state department has the Middle East, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia to contend with. The Treasury Department has the financial crisis. Homeland Security has to deal with the war on terror. The Defense Secretary has Iraq and Afghanistan. The Justice Department has, well, justice itself. The EPA has global warming, and Commerce has to deal with the fact that the US doesn’t make anything any more.

Unfortunately, we only have one president at a time. And this is what he’s doing.

This administration is actually setting a record for number of portraits painted. Nearly everyone in the White House is getting one! And check out what CNN reports Bush is devoting his time to:

… [P]lanning for his post-presidential year began more than two years ago. In many ways, the process is in full swing.

Fundraising and planning for his presidential library, to be built on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, is well under way. The president has started interviews with high-profile journalists, by all accounts already trying to define his legacy.

You’re worried about your legacy? Mr. President, let me tell your legacy is: Nero!. That’s right, the emperor who fiddled while Rome burned—or at least that’s what he’s rumored to have done. Aside from that, though, he wasn’t half bad as emperor. Actually, as far as Roman Emperors go, W. is way closer to Commodus.

Commodus was the first Emperor in a while to succeed his father, Marcus Aurelius. He had little interest in the administration of Rome and instead let a series of cronies run most of it. This was punctuated by failed coups, which would renew his interest in governance—specifically tyrannical governance. By most historians’ accounts, his reign was the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire.

And this president has the audacity to compare himself to Lincoln. Lincoln was hated by the South because he overturned their way of life, but in the North he was hailed as a genius in his own time. His stump speeches were hailed as brillliant at the time. The Gettysburg Address was instantly canonized. Upon his death, his secretary of war Edwin Stanton remarked: “Now he belongs to the ages.” Make no mistake, true genius is appreciated in its own time. And so is idiocy.


The Film Twilight Touches A Nerve

If one wants to know what a girl’s idea of romance is, one need look no further than Twilight, based on a book by Stephenie Meyer. As a great article by Caitlin Flanagan suggests, Twilight awakens a secret female longing long buried by contemporary pop culture. That secret female longing? True love. What was it buried by? Shopping and sex.

Think about it: what’s been king (or queen, rather) as far as female entertainment goes? Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada. As for upcoming releases, Bride Wars features two women fighting over a wedding day neither consulted with their fiancés, and Confessions of a Shopaholic features a heroine hammering into a block of ice to get a credit card. This fare taps into the desires of womankind, but ignores the main one: the love of a man. The themes are similar: men come and go, but friends and shoes are forever.

Little / Brown Books for Young Readers

Twilight throws all that out the window to create the ideal romance, one in which the male must show as much, if not more, restraint than the girl. After all, he has to keep himself from devouring her. And watching that struggle on screen is harrowing. One sees what a woman must go through when faced with undeniable attraction, but must hold back for fear of losing herself and her reputation.

Even the supposed weaknesses in the film weren’t all that bad for a reason I’ll get into in a little bit. The vampire baseball scene was odd, but not entirely lame.

Okay, I will now get into what surprised me most about the flick: it was funny. The trailer painted the movie as a thriller/horror/romance, but, not unlike M. Night Shyamalan’s films, the comedy is hidden from the populace until one gets in the seat and the lights go out. The Awakening was hilarious, for example.

So if you’re expecting heavy-handed drama, you’ll get that, but you’ll also laugh a bit more at vampires than you normally would.

Jason Stürmer is a Staff Writer @ (RR).


Change In United States of America

North Carolina voted for him. Virginia, the Old Dominion, the capital of the Confederate States of America, voted for him. Omaha, Nebraska voted for him.

He won 52.4% of the popular vote, a percentage not attained in any presidential election since 1964 when Lyndon Johnson did it. He is the first Democrat since Jimmy Carter to get more than half the vote. Bill Clinton never got more than half. Obama has a mandate George W. Bush never had.

12.3% of the U.S. is African American. The vast majority of them voted for Barack, which means at least 40% of American voters voted for a candidate of a different racial background than themselves. While minorities have had to do this up until now, they rarely had any other option.

From this:


But more than U.S. History, this is world history. When was the last time a dark-skinned person presided over paler people? South Africa is a modern example, but when else in history? One has to go back to the Muslim invasion of Spain or the Balkans, or Ancient Egypt.

But when was it willing? When was it peaceful? When did, through a peaceful transfer of power, did a majority decide to be led by a minority? Benjamin Disraeli, the prime minister of Great Britain in the 1870’s, was ethnically Jewish, but a practicing Anglican. Lenin was part Jewish, but was raised in the Orthodox faith. Septimius Severus was the first and only Roman emperor born in Africa, but the busts of him show he’s clearly a white guy.

To this:


This is history, ladies and gentlemen. A man born from a union that was at the time illegal in Virginia and North Carolina, would on November 4th of this year win those states’ vote to preside over the free world, to be commander-in-chief of its entire military arsenal, and to be its face to the world.

For a long time I didn’t believe the American dream was real for every American. I believed my country was unfair and that the game was stacked. Thank God Obama came by when America was at its lowest and had the audacity to believe that everything it proclaimed was true, and in the process proving it so.

Conservatives knew patriotism on September 11th, 2001. Liberals knew patriotism on November 4th, 2008. What a rollercoaster this decade’s been. Two years to go…

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR).


Unfortunate Republican Complaint

The Republican Party refuses to save face even on election day. The California GOP filed a complaint with the FEC yesterday about Obama’s inappropriate use of campaign funds to fly to Hawaii to visit his dying grandmother. While Obama should not be using campaign funds for such things, it is highly douchey to sue him over it, not only because she was dying, but because she died the same day the complaint was filed. When Palin’s wardrobe scandal broke, it was an independent organization that filed a complaint with the FEC, not the Democratic Party. Strange.

The California GOP has to get up a little earlier in the morning, though, if they want to out-embarrass John McCain:

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR) and would like to encourage everyone to vote today.


Peruvian Shamans Weigh In

These Peruvian shamans are adorable. They want Obama to win, as evidenced by the brandishing of the red skull at the McCain portrait. So precious.

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR).


The Barack Obama Show

Senator Obama pre-empted six channels last night to present to you, America, a very heartfelt and expensive half hour show:

I especially loved the Academy Awards style music in the background. The oaky, country-style Oval Office was kind of nice too. Of course, the main reason it looks like the Oval Office is because of the giant American flag, but he couldn’t very well have not put a giant American flag in there, now could he?

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR).


White Supremacists FOR Obama?

Max Blumenthal has a fascinating article on The Daily Beast entitled Obama and the Neo-Nazis” in which he discovers a surprising sentiment among the white supremacist community:

Key leaders of the white supremacist movement see a potential Obama administration as a rising tide that will lift their sagging boats.

They see the recent skinhead plot to kill Obama as something that would’ve killed their movement. They want a President Obama alive as a figure to rally against.

Alex Brandon / Associated Press

Despite this cease-fire order from most mainstream white supremacists, the foiled Neo-Nazi assassination plot against Obama was, reportedly, only one of many. Apparently the count is now around 500. Look forward to many more during an Obama administration. There were certainly enough racially-charged incidents under Clinton, and he was the first black president in name only. Anyone remember Ruby Ridge? White Supremacists do.

Jason Stürmer is an enthusiastic contributor for (RR).


Elitist: 1 / Hockey Mom: 0

Anyone who remembers John Edwards’s $400 dollar haircut in 2004 would of course laugh at Palin’s recent comment that the watchdog group CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) is sexist for filing a complaint with the FEC. What is the FEC? The Federal Election Commission.

Steve Breen / The San Diego Union-Tribune

What was the complaint? That the Republicans spent $150,000 campaign dollars on clothing for Governor Palin and her family, violating campaign finance law. Why is she thinking the accusation is sexist? Because a male candidate would not have to face the same scrutiny over wardrobe and hairstyles that a woman has to. Ahem! Edwards. She goes on to say:

“Oh, if only people knew how frugal we are. It’s kind of painful to be criticised for something when all the facts are not out there and are not reported.”

It’s true that the media tends to harp on the negative and not the positive, like let’s say… a politician being frugal. Well, in an attempt to be unbiased, here’s a photo DailyKos picked up:

Callie Shell

Obama says he already resoled his shoes once since the start of the campaign, and they already have holes again. You’re welcome, Sarah Palin. And remember, if the media is biased against you, and the media reports on what’s happening in the world, then maybe what’s happening in the world is biased against you.

Jason Stürmer is a contributor for (RR).

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