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Wilco @ Wilco (The Album)

It’s been said that the most valuable skill to master is self awareness. With Wilco‘s 7th LP – Wilco (The Album) – we take a ride on the heterogeneous melodies from the eclectic Chicago based group, as they continue to explore the vast depths of what makes their music stand out from the leagues of musicians working in the industry today. Jeff Tweedy proves again to be a song writing maven, and here, Wilco provides another album chalk full of substantial chill tunes. Check it out.

Wilco World

Wilco (The Album) track listing are as follow: Wilco [the song], Deeper Down, One Wing, Bull Black Nova, You & I, You Never Know, Country Disappeared, Solitaire, I’ll Fight, Sonny Feeling and Everlasting Everything, and the album will be released on Tuesday, June 30.

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