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Debate IV: A Review

The last 2008 presidential debate was held on Wednesday night at Hofstra University in New York. According to most educated opinions, the debate went pretty much the same as the other ones, which is to say Obama won and won handily. McCain had promised at a rally he would stick it to Obama on his associations with Bill Ayers and ACORN, and the moderator Bob Schieffer lobbed a question right over the plate for McCain to go for it. He did his best, and it fizzled almost immediately. McCain’s campaign had been relying on those attacks for the past week, and Obama flattened them in a few sentences.

Steve Breen / The San Diego Union-Tribune

So aside from the usual memorized responses, and McCain’s odd habits of blinking rhythmically and darting his tongue in and out like a gecko, one part really stood out: the two candidates at one point focused on earning the vote of just one man: Joe Wurzelbacher. It was like that movie Swing Vote, except I actually tuned in to see this one. This is the exchange McCain saw fit to bring up in the debate:

Could you imagine having a president that actually engages, real-time, with constituents on the fly? In the street? We’ve been so used to a “no questions for the king whom God has chosen” president that this kind of politics without a safety net looks downright outlandish, even though it harkens back to our greatest American traditions.

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