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John McCain @ Jay Leno’s Tonight Show

Defeated Republican presidential candidate John McCain makes his first appearance post-election on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He doesn’t blame his vice-president nominee Sarah Palin for the election loss and jokes about sleeping like a baby.

Mary Altaffer / Associated Press

On losing the election to Barack Obama: I’ve been sleeping like a baby. Sleep two hours, wake up and cry. Sleep two hours, wake up and cry.

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Unfortunate Republican Complaint

The Republican Party refuses to save face even on election day. The California GOP filed a complaint with the FEC yesterday about Obama’s inappropriate use of campaign funds to fly to Hawaii to visit his dying grandmother. While Obama should not be using campaign funds for such things, it is highly douchey to sue him over it, not only because she was dying, but because she died the same day the complaint was filed. When Palin’s wardrobe scandal broke, it was an independent organization that filed a complaint with the FEC, not the Democratic Party. Strange.

The California GOP has to get up a little earlier in the morning, though, if they want to out-embarrass John McCain:

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John McCain @ Saturday Night Live!

Republican Presidential nominee John McCain appearances on Saturday Night Live! with Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin in sketches selling QVC souvenirs: commemorative plates and knives, action figures and jewelry.


In Weekend Update, he discussed potential strategies such as the double maverick, where I’d go totally berserk and freak everybody out, even the regular mavericks. On Tuesday, November 4 – Get out and vote!


Peruvian Shamans Weigh In

These Peruvian shamans are adorable. They want Obama to win, as evidenced by the brandishing of the red skull at the McCain portrait. So precious.

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Palin In News-less Cocoon

According to the Washington Post today,
To Avoid Being ‘Depressed,’ Palin Skimps on Campaign News.” In the article she lets it be known that sometimes, even when she wants to turn on the news, her campaign staffers actually tell her no. First of all, this is the news that’s depressing her:

Second of all, didn’t she say in that Katie Couric interview that she reads any and every newspaper and magazine?

She likes the printed word, but when the news is spoken and the images are moving, that’s when it depresses her?

Third of all, what exactly is the hierarchy of command in the McCain campaign? Sarah Palin could become the leader of the free world, but right now she’s taking orders from campaign staffers? She’s being sheltered from us, but isn’t it the job of the president to shelter… us? To protect and lead us during one of the four or five most trying times in our country’s history? Right now she’s not so much reminding me of Annie Oakley as Marie Antoinette.

Actually, I have to modify that statement. Marie Antoinette wasn’t actually as out of touch and oblivious and she was made out to be. And she certainly wasn’t as divisive as Palin. This is what Palin said at a North Carolina fundraiser last night:

“We believe that the best of America is in the small towns that we get to visit, and in the wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation.”

The Democrats pouncing all over this. Right now, Obama is winning in the state she was speaking at, by the way.

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Debate IV: A Review

The last 2008 presidential debate was held on Wednesday night at Hofstra University in New York. According to most educated opinions, the debate went pretty much the same as the other ones, which is to say Obama won and won handily. McCain had promised at a rally he would stick it to Obama on his associations with Bill Ayers and ACORN, and the moderator Bob Schieffer lobbed a question right over the plate for McCain to go for it. He did his best, and it fizzled almost immediately. McCain’s campaign had been relying on those attacks for the past week, and Obama flattened them in a few sentences.

Steve Breen / The San Diego Union-Tribune

So aside from the usual memorized responses, and McCain’s odd habits of blinking rhythmically and darting his tongue in and out like a gecko, one part really stood out: the two candidates at one point focused on earning the vote of just one man: Joe Wurzelbacher. It was like that movie Swing Vote, except I actually tuned in to see this one. This is the exchange McCain saw fit to bring up in the debate:

Could you imagine having a president that actually engages, real-time, with constituents on the fly? In the street? We’ve been so used to a “no questions for the king whom God has chosen” president that this kind of politics without a safety net looks downright outlandish, even though it harkens back to our greatest American traditions.

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That One & Obama Campaign Volunteers

Part I: That One

Earlier in the campaign McCain called Obama “the one”, now he called him “that one” in the debate tonight. A lot of pundits are seeing it as racially tinged, I really don’t think so. Disrespectful? Maybe, but not really racial. Here’s the clip:

By the way, if you’re wondering, Obama trounced McCain. McCain really needed to win big and he lost big, and in his beloved town hall format no less. At some points, McCain looked like he was lost in the woods shouting at mirrors. His jokes would’ve fallen flat even if the audience weren’t instructed to keep quiet. There was a moment at the end when he had a bonding moment with a veteran but there weren’t enough specifics laid out, with the exception of McCain casually mentioning a new plan of his to buy and refinance every bad mortgage, which would cost around $300 million. Republicans especially must be groaning about that.

The whole financial bailout situation has Republicans caught between a rock and a hard place, where the rock would be a second Great Depression and the hard place would be their laissez-faire principals and hatred for government spending. Democrats have only the rock to contend with. The result is what you saw with the bailout: the House Republicans revolted against their own leadership in the White House. The Republicans are a party split in half, and with no end to the financial turmoil in sight, it’s going to be the Democrats who have any unity whatsoever.

My prediction is that Obama wins and wins handily, and has a sizeable majority in both houses of Congress. This country’s government is going to rapidly change, and whether you agree with the proposed changes, something will definitely get done.

Part II: California’s Los Angeles Campaign Volunteers

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and would like to volunteer for Obama campaign –, Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Delgin could use your help at Phonebanks. To keep Barack Obama’s momentum going your job as volunteer is easy, which is to call Nevada to find Obama supporters and make sure they VOTE and VOTE EARLY. At all phonebanks locations, Lisa Delgin promises fun, snacks and people available to train and support you.

3OBARACK Miracle Mile Phonebank
744 S. Detroit St. WED 10/8 5:30-8:30pm

3OBARACK Melrose/Highland Phonebank – LAND LINES AVAILABLE!
6615 Melrose Ave THURS 10/9 5:30-8:30pm

3OBARACK Miracle Mile Phonebank
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3OBARACK Melrose/Highland Phonebank – LAND LINES AVAILABLE!
6615 Melrose Ave SAT 10/11 11a-1p, 1-3p, 3-5p

3OBARACK Miracle Mile Phonebank
744 S. Detroit St., SAT 10/11 11a-1p, 1-3p, 3-5p

3OBARACK Melrose/Highland Phonebank – LAND LINES AVAILABLE!
6615 Melrose Ave SUN 10/12 11a-1p, 1-3p, 3-5p

3OBARACK Miracle Mile Phonebank
744 S. Detroit St., SUN 10/12 11a-1p, 1-3p, 3-5p

AND the latest phonebank we have added will be the…
OBAMA HEROES SUPERBANK at Sunset Gower Studios

Saturday, Oct. 11, 12-2:30pm, 2:30pm-5pm

Sunday, Oct. 12, 12-2:30pm, 2:30-5pm

Part I: Jason Stürmer is a writer for (RR). Part I & II: Q*** O*****

Review & Preview: Palin vs. Biden Debate

Debate I: A Review

For a good idea of how the first debate between Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain went down, dust off that old copy of Crimson Tide and put ‘er in. Same basic premise: An old, grizzled, hawkish military guy goes toe-to-toe with a young, Ivy League, peace-loving, black man to decide how to interpret US foreign policy. The only difference is the movie took place on a submarine. And guess who wins at the end…

Debate II: A Preview

Tonight at 6pm (Pacific Time) will be the most interesting television event this election: the debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. Both are known for their gaffes, but all eyes will be on Palin because of her relative unknown status and her disastrous interviews with Katie Couric this last week. So watch the trainwreck with me.

Mark Lyons/Getty Images & Mark Duncan/Associated Press

Jason Stürmer is working on his first play – Mailroom – which’ll debut in Los Angeles soon.

McCain’s Economic Advisor’s 2nd Great Depression

McCain’s Economic Advisor Co-Authored What May Become Second Great Depression

New York Times contributor Bill Gruver wrote an op-ed piece hailed as brilliant by Jim Cramer tonight on Mad Money. It goes to the heart of the current Wall Street crisis: Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, which essentially removed the market safeguards put in place by the Glass-Steagal Act of 1933—which was enacted to prevent another Great Depression. Well guess what—another Great Depression!

The Gramm in Gramm-Leach-Bliley is none other than Senator Phil Gramm, AKA “This Is a Nation of Whiners” Gramm, AKA “Mental Recession” Gramm, AKA John McCain’s chief economic advisor. If you want to hear his catch phrases one more time, check this out:

And according to him, the tailspin isn’t over yet. His advice tonight was to sell a fifth of the stock you own as soon as you can. He does not expect the rally today and yesterday to last and the massive government bailout that prompted it will only help for so long. It stopped a complete crash from happening in two days, but we could still see one a month from now.

Basically, put your money in gold and shotguns. This will get ugly.

Jason Stürmer is a (RR) contributing writer.

Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour – Get Stupid Video

On tour, Madonna broadcasts her single – ‘Get Stupid’ – commentary video which highlights newsmakers: Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, John McCain, Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, Mike Huckabee, Adolph Hitler, Ayatollah Khamenei, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Il, Dalai Lama, Al Gore, Gandhi and Michael Moore.

Madonna / YouTube