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Banksy – Copper [Exit Through The Gift Shop]

Can you recommend a legitimate ‘Contemporary Art’ consultant that can legitimize this Banksy artwork – Copper – as an original? If so, please let me know in the comment section.


Thanks, and you can also email me at

Update: Re-posted with subtitle of new Banksy and Mr. Brainwash documentary film – Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Update: To view similar print work titled Rude Copper [Year: 2002 & Class: Art Print], click

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Nick Walker’s Vandal @ Thunder Jackson

Street artist Nick Walker created new pieces on Sullivan Street facing wall of Thunder Jackson restaurant on Bleeker in the West Village.

Animal New York

New Banksy Artwork @ North London

New Banksy artwork appears on a wall in North London on Sunday March 2. It depicts children gathering around a flagpole with a flying Tesco plastic bag.

Jenny / WireImage

Banksy – Robin Gunningham

RR Sideshow: Banksy (English Graffiti Artist Robin Gunningham)