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World’s Greatest Dad – Explicit Trailer

Filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait delivers another funny film – World’s Greatest Dad and starring Robin Williams and you can see the red band trailer below. World’s Greatest Dad hits theaters on Friday, August 21.

In World’s Greatest Dad, Williams’ high school teacher and single dad finds his son [Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara] dead after an auto-erotic accident. In an attempt to give his son dignity in death, he pens a suicide note that is accidentally leaked to the school paper causing a sensation.var addthis_pub=”reserveresult”;
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Robin Williams @ Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Oscar winner Robin Williams shoot his guest role on Emmy winner Mariska Hargitay’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) in New York City.

In the SVU episode titled Authority, Robin Williams plays an engineer whose life has gone terribly wrong and who faces serious repercussions. The episode is SVU’s 200th episode and is scheduled to air Tuesday, April 29 on NBC.

Steve Sands /

Executive Producer Neal Baer on Robin Williams: “We are thrilled that one of the most talented and versatile actors around will be starring in this powerful and complex special 200th episode,” executive producer Neal Baer said. “We can’t imagine anyone else doing this role.”

Jimmy Kimmel F*****G Ben Affleck

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck shot a counter video to Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon’s parody video about f*****g.

Jimmy Kimmel’s girlfriend Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon shot a video a couple weeks ago called I’m F*****G Matt Damon.

Matt Damon is repped by Patrick Whitesell @ Endeavor.

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